Monday, March 30, 2009

Medal Pics

OK, here is what I have so far.

Happy Me with my medal

One More

Me with Linds

Me with my friend, Mandy

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Top 5

Boy, am I tired!

These singing weekends are long, hard, and exhausting, but such fun!

This weekend was our Regional Competition. It was also my first time competing in a quartet. I was trying not to be nervous, I did pretty well. :)

We competed first which is never a good place to be, but I was happy because I got to watch the rest of the competition.

I didn't want to get my hopes up, but secretly I was hoping we would come in the Top 5. Welllllll, we did!! We got 5th place. 5th place means a medal! Yeah, Baby!

In the Sweet Adeline world the Top 5 competing quartets or choruses get medals, get to sing on the Afterglow (the big party at the end of the contest, etc). Top 5 is the place to be. :)

Our performance went well. I wasn't nervous at all, well, I guess I was because my hands were sweaty, but I felt good. We sang well and were happy with our performance. This was my first time so I didn't know what to expect really, but it went well and it was a great first competition. Thanks, quartet. ;)

After we sang, we came down and everyone told us we were definitely in 1st place. :) Pretty funny since no other quartets had gone yet. Watching the contest was fun, but scary. Of course, you never really know how you did, so I didn't know what place we would be at all. This was the toughest year, competition-wise. We had several GREAT quartets all competing for the Top 5 spots. They could have gone to anybody.

At the end all the competitors got up on stage. I was expecting them to make announcements, give awards to the quartets, like Most Improved, Novice quartet, etc, but they went right in to announcing 5th place and then called our name. I think we were all pretty stunned and it caught us all off guard. I think we stood there for a second before we figured out that they had called us. Michelle pushed me to the front to get my medal first, since I was the only one that had never competed before. It was pretty fun. :)

4th and 3rd place also had members of our chorus, so we had a good day. All of our quartets did very well. Good job, guys!

Saturday, we were the hostess chorus. Since we won the competition last year and are going to International in October, we were the ones to make sure everything ran smoothly for this years competitors. We had to be up, fully make-upped and dressed by 8:00 in the morning. After going to bed at 2:00 and having a LONG day before that, it was not very fun to be up that early. Oh well. The day went great. The chorus competition was great and there were several good choruses. We got to perform our outgoing package for them, and we made it a fun, exciting time.

We got to sing at the Afterglow party. I was a little more nervous this time. I think because I could see everyone well since we didn't have lights shining on us, so the audience was right there. I also had just eaten dinner and I ate too much cuz I was starving so I was extremely full and didn't feel very well.

After the Afterglow (which ended at 11:45 p.m.) there are all kinds of little parties, we call Glimmers. We love that part. We sang, and then everyone in the room sings. We have lots of fun. I didn't get to bed until just about 5:00 this morning.

I am dead tired and plan to go to bed SOON. My first quartet contest experience was great. i couldn't ask for anything to be better. My first time and I come home with a medal. It was fun. No stress. It was great. Yea Takin' a Chance. Thanks for a great experience. You guys are great. :)

Tomorrow is back to the same old, same old. Spring Break is over, school starts again. None of us are looking forward to it. I am sure it will be fine. I just hope I can get over my tiredness.

Good Luck, Jen and Michelle, this weekend at your other quartet contest. I know you will be awesome.

Ohhhh, I had way too much stuff to bring so I didn't bring my camera. I think Lindsay has a few pictures, maybe. I don't even know if we have a picture of my quartet with out medals. :( I will try and post one of me with mine tomorrow and I will see what Lindsay has. There were some professional pictures taken, but I am sure I won't have those for a while.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wish Me Luck!

I am about to be on my way to Chattanooga for our Regional Singing Competition. It's my first time competing in a quartet, so wish me luck! See ya next week!

P.S. I took the boys to the dentist this morning. Still no cavities! Yea boys!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

From Bed, to Table, to Car...

Two weeks pass with no blog, but this one is full of stuff, you won't be disappointed. :)

Things have been a little bit crazy around here.

I started working full time teaching a 2nd grade class while the teacher is on maternity leave. We all fell into the schedule pretty well. It sure does eat up your time to work full time! I feel like the days go by at light speed and I never have enough time to do everything. It's all going well though. The class is pretty good, and we have all adjusted well. This week is Spring Break, so we will all get a little break.

So let's get on to the good stuff!

Last weekend we went to look for a new bed for Avery. Yes, he is still in a toddler bed. What can I say, he's a little runt. He is finally growing though, plus he is about to be 5 years old, so it's time for a big bed. We spent all day Saturday looking for a bed, but instead, came home with a new table. LOL! I just couldn't find anything I really liked at a decent price. Craigslist has some good deals so we are trying to hold out for something on there. While we were at one store though, AJ found the table I have been looking for and it just happened to be on major clearance. So home went the table. No bed yet. Sam is sad that he doesn't get a new bed, so we are giving him a new bedroom. His bedroom is really the den. It has double doors, no closet, etc. He has an armoire, but it isn't holding his clothes very well, and I was trying to figure out how to get him a better closet. Well, we have a bedroom that is never used, basically it is just storage, so we are going to move him in there this week. The den will just be the storage room for a while. We really need all new furniture. We still have the cheap furniture we bought when we first got married. It is falling apart and just no good. So that is our goal, to replace what we have now, too bad, it's pretty much all the furniture in the house. That will take a while.

This past week I have been busy getting ready for my singing competition. On Tuesday night, we had a quartet runthrough night, where all the competing quartets got to come and run there sets in front of an audience. So AJ was going to take the kids to the church with him, while I went to that. When he got home from work we switched cars, he took mine with the car seat, and I took his. On my way the car started making a loud, terrible noise. I was about to get off the exit, so I kept going, trying to make it. All of a sudden, it felt like something fell off the car, smoke started flowing out the back, and I had to pull over. We knew this would be happening soon, it has been having problems for a couple months, we were just trying to hold out until summer to get a new car. Anyway, I called AJ, he told me that the car probably threw a rod, which means dead engine. Thankfully, I was pretty close to my friend's house so she came and got me and we went on to the quartet thing. AJ called a tow truck, borrowed a car from someone at church, and we went from there. It's funny how it happened when I was driving, since I rarely drive his car. Geez. Thankfully, it happened when it did. It was the best situation it could have been, for being a yucky situation. At least it didn't happen as I was driving home that night after 11pm. There is now a 4 inch hole in the engine block, and the car is definitely dead. A little sooner than we wanted, but oh well. At least we were almost there money wise, since we knew it was going to happen, and have been saving.

So we went from looking for a bed, to buying a table, and now onto cars. I wonder what next weekend will bring? A new house? LOL! I don't think so.

Saturday we spent most of the day car shopping. We drove several cars and went several places. We didn't think we were going to get one this weekend, because we couldn't find anything with low miles at a good price for us. We decided to go to one more place and that's where we found it. We bought a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer. It's nice, runs great, and we won't have to worry about it for quite a while. Since AJ drives 70 miles to and from work each day, we needed something reliable, and we got it. Let's hope gas isn't too bad. He wanted something bigger because of all the camping and scouting stuff he does, so we tried to go with what he liked, that worked out in all the other ways we needed it to.

Sam had his first Pinewood Derby for scouts yesterday. He loved it. AJ and him made a very simple car. Sam picked out the design, they painted it green, and that's about it. Well, he won every single race!! He is his troops champion! Sam and his friend, Adam (the 2nd place winner) get to go on to the District Championship races. He was so excited! He also made us very proud, but telling each person he raced with, that they did a good job and that it was a good race. He had very good sportmanship, with no coaching from us. What a good boy we have. Go Sam! Troop Pinewood Derby winner! Yippee!

Putting his car on the track

Winning a race


Cute Avery

Silly Avery

Excited Sam

The big Winner!

This week we have a lot going on. My singing competition is this weekend. I will be competing for the first time in the quartet competition. Yikes! AJ has a backpacking trip this weekend too. We both leave Thursday and are gone all weekend. The kids are going to be having fun at various sleepovers and friend's houses.

Oh yeah, and I was in the newspaper again this year for Singing Valentines. I rock! LOL!

Anyway, that's what's been going on with us. Pretty crazy! Hopefully next week will be calm with no big purchases looming!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Quick Update

It's been too long. This still has to be quick. I have no time.

Last week I ended up with the flu. Terrible, terrible flu. I even went to the doctor, which I try hard not to do. I was so sick. He told me it was the worst strain of the flu you could have and all medicines were resistant to it. It started with a cough on Tuesday, and even today, Monday, I am still weak, my legs feel like jello, I want to sleep like you wouldn't believe, and I feel gross. Having the flu made me miss my very first day of subbing full-time for that teacher on maternity leave. I went to work today though. It wasn't too bad. The kids didn't feel good either, so we all went and suffered today.

Sam went to a fun sleepover at a hotel this weekend. He got to swim, play games, and spend the night. He loved it. Then he got to go to the zoo with Lindsay. We were trying to keep him out of the sick house. Avery and I both were sick, Avery had croup. Sam's allergies are really bothering him though, so in his own way, he is sick too.

Anyway, things will be fast-paced and busy from now on. I am working full-time so I have to figure out how to put all my normal duties in much fewer hours. Anyway, I have to go make dinner. See ya next time!