Sunday, November 30, 2008


This was someone's plate at our Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. We went over to Lindsay's for the day. We cooked (the boys watched football), ate, planned our Black Friday shopping trip, ate, played games, then ate dessert. Did I mention that eating was involved. LOL!

That morning AJ and Denisee went to help someone move to a new apartment, and then they went to play Turkey Football with other guys from church. AJ locked his keys in his car while they were there, so Den had to bring them back to my house to get keys, take him back to his car, take other guys home, and finally they made it back for Thanksgiving.

I decided that morning to take Family pictures of us, before we ate. Can you believe that we have never had family pictures done? Never! It makes it hard when you are the photographer. You are never IN the pictures. I don't mind that at all. I hate having pictures taken, but i figured it was about time to get some with all of us. Thankfully, I was able to just throw some matching outfits together, and they turned out pretty good. Lindsay had to help of course,but I am happy with them. AJ came late so we didn't get many with him, but enough so we can finally say we have a family picture. :)

Here is a preview of one of me and the boys.

Avery had a Thanksgiving lunch in his class on Monday. It was nice, and there was lots of good food. I took him home early that day, so he wouldn't have to stay for boring nap time. I can't remember what we did though. Hmmmm.

Wednesday Sam had a Thanksgiving breakfast. Here he is eating from the yummy assortment of breakfast foods.

Friday, Lindsay and I got up (not too early) and went shopping for Christmas. We LOVE going shopping the day after Thanksgiving, and most of the stores aren't bad at all. In fact, our brand new Super Target, which we thought would be insane) was like a typical non-busy day. I try and get everything done that one day, but this year I had trouble, and I still have stuff to get. Darn it. I came home and the boys had gotten out all the Christmas stuff and even decorated the tree. Of course I had to move some ornaments around so they weren't all bunched together at the bottom, but it was nice to not have to worry about the tree, and they had fun. Our house is all Christmasy now and we are all excited. I can't wait until Christmas. I am excited about all the stuff I got for them. I can't believe it's December all ready. I know this month will go by so fast, and it will be 2009! Weird!

I am sure this month will be very busy, actually, I know it is, but it will be lots of fun, and will fly by. Yea Christmas!

***Edited to add*****
I just realized I had my days messed up. Tuesday was Sam's Breakfast, then I stayed all day helping his teacher. Wednesday we went and played with some friends at McDonald's. THen we went to Target, but after that we went to the new theater and saw "Bolt!" All 3 of us loved it. It was cute and good. We had a fun day. :) Oh and that night we had fajitas for dinner. Yum, yum. We had a wonderful day off from school. :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I got tagged and thought this was cool.


1. Go to your pictures

2. Go to your 4th folder and upload your 4th picture

3. Post and tell about your picture

4. Tag 4 of your friends

That folder just happened to be my display pictures for my photography business, Candid Expressions. This is a pic I took a couple years ago. Pretty cute subject. ;)

I tag Angel, Lindsay, Tara, and April.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Books Come Alive

So this week I got to see two books come alive, well kind of. :)

Sam's play was this week. He has been so excited. He has been practicing after school twice a week for the last several weeks. That has been fun, but he was ready to do the play. Before he auditioned, he was scared that he would get stage fright, and he didn't know if he wanted to do it. I told him that he would practice so much, and know his part so well, that he wouldn't have any trouble. I also told him that most likely he would just be a little bit nervous, but maybe not at all. So the day arrives and he wasn't nervous at all, just excited. He did a GREAT job. He remembered all his lines perfectly, was loud enough, and just did so good. Him and his "brothers" were the stars of the show. Everyone loved them and they were the funniest part. The story was about the Big Bad Wolf going on trial for all the bad things he has done, like eating people. Sam and Pig #1 were the dumb pigs, and the 3rd pig was the smart one. THe principal played that pig, so that made it even more fun. They performed the play on Thursday night for the parents, and then on Friday afternoon for the students. After school, when we were walking down the hall, a million kids were calling to Sam to tell him that he was so funny, and that he was cool, etc. He was a star. Later he told me that he wants to perform a play every day in front of lots of people! LOL! I guess we found his calling. I always knew he would love to act. He never did get nervous at all, and did great. Yea Sam! Here are some pics of his acting debut.

On Friday I got to go see Twilight. A brand new movie theater just opened in our fine city that same day! So we went to the new theater, which is NICE, and got to see the opening of a brand new movie. I am cool! LOL! Anyway, the theater is really neat. The ticket sellers are actually inside behind a counter, instead of in a booth behind glass. It makes it nice that you can actually talk to them like real people instead of through a speaker. The inside is really nice, and it even has a fountain in the middle of the lobby. The stadium has cool seats that are like rocking chairs, and the screen seems like it is right there in front of you. I loved it.

The movie was good, but I had heard it was better than the book, which wasn't true. They, of course had to leave a lot of stuff out, but they also changed some things, which I didn't like. Also, the characters weren't like I pictured them at all, so that made it not as good. Overall, I liked the movie though, and it did make me want to read the books again.

Anyway, I am excited that we have a new theater, and there are some really good movies coming out, so I can't wait to use it more frequently. Too bad, movies are so expensive! At least gas is cheap again!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Late, Late

Geez, how time goes by!

I can't even think of what we have been doing lately that I haven't had time to blog. Weird. I have been working A LOT more, so I guess that's most of it. Working takes too much time! LOL!

Nothing much happened last week. Just normal stuff like haircuts, PTO meetings, etc. I did chaperone a Lock-In at school on Friday. THe kids loved it! Me, not so much. Some of the kids were terrible! Mostly it was the older ones too, the ones who should know better, so that made it worse. Grrr, darn kids. At least my children had lots of fun.

I have been reading the Twilight Books, also. I am on Book 4. They are good, I always love series of books. I am going this weekend to see the movie. Yea!

This week is Sam's Play Production. We had a terrible time figuring out a costume for him. We couldn't find pig noses or ears ANYWHERE. Argh. Finally someone had a nose they let us borrow, but the ears are still giving me a hard time. I can't wait to see him in the play though. Too bad we don't have a video camera.

I really can't think of anything else to write. I just wanted to at least post something so people wouldn't wonder if we died. Talk to you soon!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Festivities

The weekend was fun! :)

Avery loved his class party. It's the first one they had this year, so it was exciting for them. They sang us some songs, did some activities, and ate TONS of food. :) Here is Avery having some fun!

Sam's party was a lot of work, and it was crazy trying to get from Avery's party to his, but we got it all taken care of, and I think the kids liked it. I was all frazzled so it didn't seem to go as well as I thought it would, but the adults said it did, so I hope so! Here he is doing a couple of the events.

My camera died just after it started, so I didn't get many pictures. Argh! :( They both had a great time at school that day!

Then it was Trick or Treating Time!

We met up with Lindsay and her bunch, the kids she used to babysit, and a family that lives in our neighborhood from Sam's class. We got a TON of stuff, and it was all really good chocolate stuff, hardly any junk candy. Woohoo! We have a great Halloween neighborhood. Here are some pics from the night.

One of Avery's teachers lives right outside our neighborhood. She told us to come visit her while we were out. So we went over there, and her daughter answered the door, but she wasn't there! She had taken her younger daughter out trick or treating. Avery was DEVASTATED! HE cried and cried. So we walked around through her neighborhood a bit and then on our way back we saw a group of people go into her house. So we ran up there again, and thankfully it was her, and she was home. So Avery goes up there, and then won't say a word!!! He was so sad when she wasn't there, but freaked out when she was!! It was pretty funny. She gave him lots of candy, and he ended up talking a little bit, but he was very strange. Weirdo!

On our way back to our house, a lady stopped us, said she was freezing and wanted to go in, and dumped the rest of her bowl into Sam's bag. Then we stopped at our neighbor's house, and they gave them both a ziplock bag STUFFED full of candy bars. They lucked out!

It was a great day!

Saturday, we worked outside on the yard and winterizing the pool. Boring stuff. Then later in the afternoon we went to a birthday party at a Laser Tag place. The boys loved it, and yes, that includes AJ. Here they are being weird at the party.

After the party, we went out to dinner at my favorite place, Jason's Deli, with our neighborhood friends. It was great, yummy food and good company. ;) We stayed there FOREVER just talking. We found out that we are all the same age, got married the same year, and have just about the same age kids, and we live in the same neighborhood. Crazy! Good times!

On the way home, Sam suddenly started spitting and making strange noises. We looked int eh back seat, and he had that glow stuff from INSIDE a glow bracelet all over him, in his mouth, EVERYWHERE!! AJ slammed the car off the road, we jumped out and started pouring water all over him and in his mouth. He was trying to crack it some more and it broke and sprayed everywhere, including in his mouth. It tasted horrible, and smelled horrible. Thankfully we had water bottles in the car. He was freaking out and crying, thinking he was going to die. We cleaned him up the best we could, and started going again. On the way home his hands started going numb, but we made it and we washed him all off. We had to wash his hands, and scrub them with a toothbrush 3 times before we finally got it all off and the smell went away!!! I hate those things, and now I hate them even more. I told the kids they have to throw those things right in the trash any time we get them. After that they both thought anything that was green were toxic chemicals. We teased Sam that he was going to turn into a mutant ninja kid. Anyway, that was our exciting weekend. Things should actually slow down for us, at least for a week or two. :)