Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The End Has Come

Another year gone by. Can you believe it? Avery graduated Pre-K today and Sam is going in to 4th grade! Geez! This year sped by, even more so than normal. It seems like school was just starting and I was helping Sam's teacher get her classroom set up. Now I am there taking everything down and packing her up. Crazy!

Avery is SOOOO excited to be a Kindergartener. He doesn't even care that preschool is over. He has already moved ahead to Kindergarten. He has visited his new Kindergarten teacher that past few weeks and talks to her like she is his best friend! It is WEIRD! :) He pretends to be shy around people, but he is not the least bit shy with her. He tells her all kinds of stories. It's funny. This morning he said, now I am in Kindergarten. Can I go tomorrow? He's not to happy about waiting all summer. She has been teasing him, telling him that he is going to know so much about the class and where everything is, that he will be the one showing everyone when school starts. I will be subbing for our favorite teacher while she has a baby at the beginning of the year, so Avery gets to go stay at our friend's house for a week before Kindergarten actually starts (they go later than the rest of the grades). He can't wait for that either.

For graduation today they "took a trip to Kindergarten Island". They sang lots of songs about getting to the island, etc. Singing, especially with actions, is not his thing. He looked so bored up there, in fact, he yawned several times. What's funny is that besides me, he is the biggest singer in the house. Here are some graduation pics for ya.

Sam is so gonna miss 3rd grade and will especially miss his teacher. He LOVED her. She is so nice and a great teacher. We will all definitely miss her. Avery will definitely be getting her in 3rd grade. :) None of us can believe he is already to 4th grade. How did he get so big? I remember well my time in 4th grade. I guess I better be a really good mom now cuz he will remember it! ;) I am already stressing bout him going to middle school in two years. He's gonna go from a great school where he has had the best teachers and his mom working there all the time, to middle school where everything changes, his teachers aren't hand-picked, and parents aren't really invited in. Big shock I am sure. i am going to start easing out the next couple of years. I can't believe I will have 2 boys in real school. I already still go back and hlp all of Sam's old teachers, and now I will be adding two more. Not sure how that's going to work! Here are some pics of Sam with some of his best friends.

Pretty much we have been super busy at school teh last few weeks. Today we didn't get home until 5ish. Tomorrow we are going back, even though there is no school for students, just teachers. Friday they go back to get their report cards and then they are done.

For Memorial Day we cleaned and did yard work most of the day, and then Linds and Fam came over and we swam and ate, etc. Here are some pics of that.

We really don't have anything planned for the summer. Mostly just relaxing and lounging around. We will probably just stay around here, swim, and do the fun stuff in the area. Ta Ta for Now!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring Fling

This past week was pretty laid back. I didn't work at all, and just caught up on things around here, and did some things to get ready for the end of school. I missed my class though, so I ended up going to see them on Thursday for their Mother's Day Program.

Friday was Spring Fling. It's our yearly carnival type thing that is always on a Friday night. The kids love it! I have a few pictures and that's about all I have to offer to Blogland this week. The next few weeks will just be busy doing all of the end of the school year stuff, and that's about it. It takes all my energy! So enjoy the pictures! :)

Nevermind, for some reason it won't let me add pics right now. I will try again later. Argh!

OK, I got it.

Avery's Favorite thing to do at the Spring Fling.

In the firetruck

Sam loves to go to the "emergency" tent and get all hurt. Avery made up this whole big story on what happened to Sam. LOL!

This was Mother's Day at AJ's grandmother's house. Sam made a sign (the thing he is holding) that says "The Best!" and it had an arrow pointing to me. Awwww! We couldn't get it in the picture though. :(

By the way, I had to take all of these with my camera phone, so that's why they don't look very good.