Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Week

Monday we pretty much stayed at home and I cleaned the house, did laundry, etc.

Tuesday some people from church came over for a little bit and then we went to get Sam's shot. We went to the Mall afterwards, but they didn't have what I needed. Tuesday night we went to the pool store to get a part that wasn't working properly on the pool and then we went to Lowe's. Sam was acting terrible from the moment we left, so we immediately came home and put him to bed. His behavior has really changed since the surgery. I don't like it. He is always sweet, nice, and listens well, until this last week. Yikes! We had a long talk about listening the first time, not talking meanly, etc. He did MUCH better yesterday and today has been good too. Hopefully the worst is over. I think it is probably a combination of all the medicines, not feeling like himself, being tired, and not able to do what he normally does.

Wednesday we missed playgroup because Sam woke up after 10:00. we ended up going to school to help Mrs. Tarpley prepare everything for the first of the year. Yes, I still help his teacher from 2 years ago. We love her! :) We were there for 5 hours and even missed lunch! Oops! After that I took them to see Wall-E. I called Lindsay on the way and she decided to come with us. Avery was kind of bored (which surprised me) he was hot and thirsty though, so I am sure that contributed. Kinley CRIED several times throughout the movie because she thought it was so sad. It was kinda funny, but sad at the same time. There were lots of sad parts. Taylor and Sam loved it though. I wasn't as impressed as I thought I would be, but oh well, it was cute enough.

Today Sam had a follow up checkup. He is free!!! He can stop all the medicines, he gets to stop irrigating, and he can return to normal things as long as he feels up to it. WOOHOO! He was SO excited! That will free us up a ton. Now we jus tneed to get him over this tiredness. He will get his strength back soon, hopefully before school starts. He is finally able to breath through his nose, which is a very rare thing, so he is pretty happy right now. I hope it continues!

The first day of school is next Friday. Basically it is just a day to go in meet the teacher and fill out paperwork. Sam wants it to start tomorrow though! He is excited to meet his new teacher and he has some of his good friends in his class. Avery has his Pre-K screening the week school starts, and hopefully he gets in the preschool. He met his teacher yesterday, toured the classroom, etc. He is REALLY, REALLY excited to go. I don't know what we will do if he doesn't get in. There are 20 spots available, but 23 students are being screened for the class.

I have been busy working on getting PTO stuff ready. We are revamping things a little bit and now that I am the Volunteer Coordinator, I am having to learn and figure out some new stuff.

Tomorrow we are going to help Sam's new teacher get ready for school. He wanted to go today to meet her, but his appointment ran long so we couldn't. I love how they love school so much. Whew!

I can't believe school starts next week. I can't believe it is August. I can't believe summer is over. It goes too quickly!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Medical, Medical, Medical

Geez, Louise! We are definitely going to go broke because of all this medical money we are having to pay!

We always have lots of medical bills for Sam, but a few months ago I had finally gotten down to only having two, plus his allergist, which we will never pay off! I was so excited because we had been paying about 10 medical bills a month. Welll, the last couple of months, doing all the surgery stuff, as much as I have been sick, etc we now are up to 13 medical bills a month, and this is not counting his surgery!!!!

In the last 2 days, I have spent almost $300 in prescriptions. Last week, we spent that much as well. Thankfully we get reimbursed for most of it, but it sure hits us hard and all at the same time.

Well, I was right. I went to the doctor today and once again I have strep! Why, oh why, oh why! He said if I keep getting it I am going to have to see an ENT, which I REALLY don't want to do, because most likely that means getting my tonsils out. I DON'T want to do that because I have heard terrible, terrible things, plus I can't afford it!!! So anyway, I am back on antibiotics, and it's a different one then I have had before and I could possibly end up allergic since I am allergic to so many others. Grreeeaaaat. What's weird is that my sister's kid can't be around anyone with strep because of a heart condition, but here I am getting it all the time. Argh!

Anyway, we got the Total Charges sheet from the hospital for Sam's surgery. $12,125.35! I have no idea what out payout will be, but I am sure it won't be cheap, plus we haven't received the separate doctor bills, anesthesiologist bills, etc. Thankfully we have insurance, even though it is stupid insurance and we hate it. :)

Today was not a good day. Sam was in a terrible, terrible mood today and that made for a bad day. I also feel horrible, had to go to the doctor, ended up having to go to subbing orientation, even though I am sick and contagious, and from the moment Sam got up to the moment he went to bed (early by the way) he was whiny, mean, grumpy, and everything else you can imagine. Sam rarely has days like that so it was a little hard to handle, especially on top of myself feeling so bad. I have noticed him getting pretty grumpy late in the day this week so I wanted to make sure he wasn't getting overtired after surgery, so yesterday we stayed home all day, we didn't leave the house at all. He had plenty of time to rest, etc, so I was hoping today would be better. I am not sure what is going on with him. Let's just hope tomorrow is better. I hope I feel better too, I have stuff to do that I have had to put off this week.

OK, well, i feel yucky, I am going to lay down and maybe watch a movie that we have had from Netflix for over a month.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Week in Review

So we were finally able to get out some this week. Woohoo! We are all much happier. Monday we took Taylor to his swim lesson at the Y while Lindsay took Kinley to the Dentist. That's all we did that day, but it was nice to get out. We could tell Sam was really tired though by 6:00 that night.

Tuesday we went to get Sam's shot. Avery woke up asking to go to Lindsay's house to play, so we dropped him off and just Sam and I went to do the shot thing. After that we stopped and got some sundaes at Sonic. :) Then we all played at Lindsay's for about an hour until dinner.

Today we actually went and did something fun! It was playgroup day so we went to Chuck E Cheese and hung out with our good friends Corinna and Julie. We stayed there for quite a while. We then stopped to get a prescription for Sam in Murfreesboro. On the way back home, we stopped by the library to return some books. Then we had to pick up another prescription at a different pharmacy. After that we hung out at home for a while. Once again, about 6:00, Sam was definitely tired and grumpy. We ended up going to dinner at Chili's and then stopped by our new Ross store that just opened. The kids are in bed now.

I feel like, once again, I am getting sick with Strep. It started this afternoon with the weird poking feeling in my throat, the headache, and an earache. Argh! I have been extra tired this week too, and have been on the verge of a migraine, so now I think it has been the startings of Strep. WHY do I keep getting this. I know it is still too early to go to the doctor, but I suppose that will be a trip I will be taking soon. I just spent almost $200 today in prescriptions for Sam, and since I am allergic to everything, I have to get expensive antibiotics for myself. Stupid, stupid strep! Maybe it is just allergies or something, although I don't feel allergy-like.

Oh well, we will see.

Earlier this month I took Sam to the pediatrician for his yearly checkup. Last year when I checked with the insurance company, they told me that once children hit 6 years old, they only cover annual visits every two years, so at 6, 8, 10, etc. So last year we didn't go to that checkup. He is at the doctor enough that I didn't worry about it or anything. Well, he turned 8, so we took him for his visit. Now I get a letter saying that insurance did not cover his visit. I called the insurance company yesterday, and they said that they don't cover any well checkups after the age of 6!!! How dumb is that!!! Wouldn't they rather find out if their were medical issues before they get so bad that you go to the doctor? Well check ups are to make sure everything is still going well with their health, there are no problems, etc. Makes no sense to me.

I think tomorrow we will just stay home and take it easy, maybe go to the Y, but that's about it. Sam needs some rest, even if he doesn't think so, and if this is strep once again then I don't need to be out either.

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Recovering

Yesterday's Dr's visit didn't go quite as good. Sam was in a lot of pain and ended up crying. He is really tough and usually doesn't cry no matter how much it hurts, so it was obviously bad. Poor kid! All of us felt so bad for him. The doctor did the minimum amount that he could and got out of there. He said everything still looked really good and he was doing great. We go back in 2 weeks. Until then he has to continue all of his medicines, irrigations, etc. He still needs to take it easy, but can gradually start doing more as he feels he can. The doctor said it was a really hard surgery and he needs to keep that in mind and not get too tired, etc. He also said that in most kids the "windows" that they put in close up pretty quickly, but he made Sam's extra large so hopefully they will last until he is 20. I hope they do.

Avery has been very bored! It is VERY rare that we stay at home for a full day. We usually are gone much more than we are home. He is a busy, crazy kid, so this week has been hard on him. I was really seeing it by Wednesday. I made AJ take him to play at the Chick-Fil-A playplace. They brought Kinley and Taylor along and he loved it. The next day as soon as we got up he asked if he could go to Taylor's house. He called Lindsay and he went over to play for a few hours. On our way back from his appointment, Sam asked if Avery could stay there for longer because he wanted me all to himself. He has definitely been Mommy's little boy this week. Later that day, Lindsay came over and her, Avery, and her kids went swimming in our pool. Shhhh, don't tell Sam. I distracted him long enough for them to get out there. Avery had fun and Sam was happy to be with just Mommy.

Again even that night he asked AJ to take Avery somewhere so it could just be the two of us. Very strange.

Today Sam has been up able to play some. They also have started fighting today. I think being cooped up in here is getting to both of them. Sam hasn't needed me so much and I was able to get some things done that I needed to. Tomorrow Kinley and Taylor will be here for the whole day because it is Lindsay's Anniversary so hopefully he will still be feeling good and able to play.

Our plan for next week is to do a little bit everyday. Monday we will probably go to the Y and that will be it for that day. Tuesday will be the trip to get his allergy shot. Wednesday we might try playgroup for a little while, etc. Hopefully he will be able to swim next week as well. That has been the thing we have missed the most. I think every day will get better and better. He may have a few little setbacks and need more rest, but we will work to gradually build up his stamina, etc again.

I guess that's about it for now. Thanks for all your thoughts and good wishes this week!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dr. Visit

Sam had a pretty good day overall yesterday. Last night right before bed I gave him pain meds, but he hadn't had any all day. He woke up about 5:00 again this morning and said his lips hurt. He is having to breath through his mouth constantly so his lips are chapped. He went right back to bed. At 9:45 this morning he still wasn't up and he needed to get ready for his doctor appointment. He did NOT want to get up. Poor kid. He finally got up and was a bit wobbly, but we made it in time to the appointment.

The doctor had to put gauze covered in numbing stuff up his nose. Sam didn't like that too much, but sat still and let him do it like always. He did that like 4 times and then "vacuumed" out his nose. He said it was really swollen in there, but all looked good, and there are no signs of infection. He told me that when Sam was waking up in recovery, the nurse turned away for a second, and he pulled out the postage stamp size thing that was supposed to be in there!! I had no idea! He said it probably felt like something was in his nose, cuz there was, and he would want it out too. The nurse called and asked him if he wanted to come back and put it in, but since Sam was already waking up he said no. He said he was able to clean out his sinuses and put in the new drain holes, so hopefully this will do the trick! He ended up putting more numbing gauze in there and then vacuumed his nose again. We have to go back tomorrow to do the same thing, which Sam isn't really happy about, but he can finally breath through his nose! He is very happy about that! The doctor said that every kid he has done has to go back in the hospital to do the vacuuming, etc, but he knew Sam would be just fine, so they were able to do it in the office. Yea for my calm, sweet boy!

Walking out to the car, he wasn't feeling very well and was whimpering. He said nothing hurt, but he couldn't really tell me what was wrong. It was sad and I felt bad for him. Just after we left, he closed his eyes and I thought he was dozing. When we were almost home, driving down the freeway, he sits up, grabs the trash bag that we keep in the car and started dry heaving. It was so sad. He felt really sick. I don't know what that is from. He has been saying his stomach is hurting. This medicine always does that for a few days and then eases up, so I don't know if it was the combination of medicine, plus vacuuming, nerves, or what. It was terrible though.

He finally started feeling better a little while after we got home, and was able to eat lunch, etc.

He seemed so much better this morning before the appointment, so hopefully each day will get better and better. He is such a good kid. This is really hard for us seeing him go through all of this, but he is such a trooper and I am sure I wouldn't be doing nearly as good.

I will probably post more tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day After

Sam woke up this morning about 5:30 in lots of pain and saying he felt like he needed to sneeze! Uh oh! AJ got up and irrigated his sinuses, thankfully it cleaned the sneeze out too, gave him some medicine, etc. He had a really hard time going back to sleep because his nose was so stuffy he couldn't breath. That has been his major complaint all day long. He has had much less bleeding and oozing today, but the stuffiness is really bothering him. He has said No to pain medicine all day though and seems to be fine in that regard. He is getting to be a pro at irrigating and is doing better today. His doctor and the nurse at the hospital called to check on him today. We go tomorrow to get him checked out. Aj got him the new Indiana Jones Wii game (That Daddy!) so he has spent a lot of the day playing that. We have also played lots of games together and he has wanted me to sit by him most of the day. AJ came home early today and I did get to get out and get to the Y. I thought I was going to have to skip the whole week, so that was nice to be able to do. Sam asked for mexican food for dinner. He still can't eat much and seems to want to eat soft easy foods, and mexican is his favorite, so we went and got take out. It will be bed time soon and I hope he has a better night tonight. Such a tough boy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Surgery Day

So it started out to the blaring alarm before the sun was even up this morning. Boy, I did not want to get up. I made it though! LOL! I went to get Sam up and he immediately sat up, and when I said it was time to go he said, "Yea!" He is not a morning person either so this was very surprising. We got in the car and headed to the hospital. The sun was just starting to come out so we got to see the sunrise. He thought it was cool, but then reminded me he had already seen the sun rise before when he stayed up all night at a sleepover at Justin's house. :)

We got to the hospital and no one was there to check us in! We waited for like 20 minutes and someone finally came. They then took us back to our "room". The nurse was really nice and we found out it was his principal's mom! Cool! She promised him that nothing she did to him before or after the surgery would hurt him at all, so he was happy about that. After a little bit they took us upstairs to the pre-op room. Several people came over and talked to him and made him laugh, etc. They asked if I thought he would be fine getting his IV before the sedation (last time they wanted to wait until he was asleep). I told them I was sure he would be fine, he has had lots of needles in that little body and is pretty much as used to it as you can get. They, of course, had a hard time finding his vein, (they never are easy to find in him)but they numbed it and got it in the first try. He was perfectly fine. All of them were gushing over how brave and cute he was. People would just come over and tell us that they never have kids that do that well for an IV and he was a great little kid. We know that already, of course. :) They let me stay back there this time for quite a while. Last time they ushered me out really quickly and I didn't get to see any part of it. So they gave him his IV meds while I was there and the nurse (who was a little bit loony) told him he was about to get silly. Of course I had to go into the fact that he already WAS silly.... A few minutes later he started looking at his hands all funny and doing some strange things. Then he just started laughing and laughing. It was pretty funny, but I was a little weirded out at the same time. I've not seen him like that before! We all couldn't help but laugh at him. I also have no clue if he even realized that I was trying to say bye to him, etc. It was pretty silly all right!

I then went to the waiting room and they took him back. They called me around 7:50 and told me they had started the surgery. Last time it went pretty quick and he was done in like 20 minutes so I figured I wouldn't have long to wait. An hour passed and they still hadn't called. I was getting a little nervous at this point. I guess I should have asked how long it would take. I brought a book to read, but I couldn't concentrate too much. I probably read the same page several times. I don't really like the book that much, even though it is by one of my favorite authors, but it is probably because I was mostly tense and not able to concentrate, especially when it was going longer and longer and longer. Finally about 9:20 they called and said they had just finished and the doctor would be out to talk to me soon. He came out and said it went great, he was doing fine and he had minimal bleeding. He said that the sinuses were much worse than they looked on the CT and that his top ones were very swollen and infected. He cleaned them all out and is basically letting them drain. He said in an adult he would have done much more work, but since he was a child then less is better. I just hope doing less fixes him so we don't have to do this again to fix more stuff. He ended up putting some sort of postage stamp size brace in there to hold everything in place and we go back Wednesday to get that taken out, etc.

It took quite a while (I guess he slept for a long time) and they finally called me back to meet him. It's really hard to see him the first time after he comes out. He doesn't look like himself at all and he looks so small and sick. He whimpered most of the way down, but couldn't seem to talk so we could find out what was wrong. When we finally got down to his "room" he managed to croak out that his nose hurt so bad. They hurried and brought him some pain medicine, which he had a hard time swallowing. I don't think his face was working too well. After the medicine he went back to sleep for quite a while. He kept whimpering throughout his sleep. Finally, he woke up and said I want to go home now. At that point we still had to do all the getting ready to go home stuff, so we didn't leave until after 12:30. Last time we were home before 10:00 so we were a little surprised that we were there so long. Before he left he told his nurse, "Thank you for taking care of me". Did I mention that he is so sweet??? She told him that she was going to call his principal and tell him how good he was and that if all her patients were like Sam then she would have an easy job. Everyone commented on how well-mannered and sweet he was. I have a good kid! :) We finally got to leave. I went out to bring the car around and the nurse wheeled him out in a wheelchair. She had given him a popsicle and he was trying to eat it, but his nose had started oozing and bleeding everywhere. He was having a hard time trying to eat his popsicle and hold a kleenex to his nose, so I rolled up a kleenex, stuffed it under his nose and "taped" it there with a band-aid! It looked pretty funny! We had to go t a special pharmacy to get one of his medications so we drove there and did that. It took forever! We then drove through Wendy's and I got some food and he got a frosty. He didn't even eat half of it and then fell back asleep. We got home and he seemed to be doing ok.

After a little bit the phone rang and it was a kid asking for Sam. I thought it might be a friend from church to see how he was doing. It was actually our neighbor asking if Sam could come play. They haven't seen each other this summer and Sam said, "Yeah!" Then he suddenly realized that he couldn't. He looked so sad and I could tell he was going to be upset. I told him they could play as soon as he was feeling better. He started getting teary, but i told him it was probably a bad idea to cry. His friend came over and dropped off a Birthday Gift and that helped ease his sadness. Thanks, Riley!

A little while ago, he started complaining that he needed to blow his nose, which of course, he can't do. We irrigated his nose and did some spray to get all of that stuff oozing out again. I made another one of my nose plugs and he felt better for a few minutes, but then it went right back to feeling yucky. Poor kid. I gave him some pain medicine and hopefully that will help ease the discomfort and he will go to sleep. He was just starting to doze when I checked on him a few minutes ago. Hopefully this week will go fairly easy and he can be back to himself, nooo, better than he normally is, soon!

Thanks for thinking of us today!!!

Here is a pic of his homemade nose plug. He wanted me to take the pic, so don't think I am terribly mean!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Party

This week was pretty uneventful. We mostly stuck around home. I did go grocery shopping with the two of them, which is quite a feat, but we did it with minimal amount of boredness, whining, etc. I only go shopping once a month so it takes a LONG time, they have to get out and walk for half of it, etc, so I totally understand why they hate it, but they did fine, and so did I.

Anyway, on to the best part of the week. We had Sam's party yesterday. We rented out the local town pool, brought pizza, drinks, and cake, and swam in their cool pool. We had about 40 people there and it was a good time. We were sad that a lot of people couldn't make it, but we had a really good time with all those that did make it. :) It was HOT yesterday so a pool party was just what we needed.

We started out by swimming for a while. After a little bit, people came and got pizza, and then got back in the pool, where there was a TON of diving board action. A little after an hour, we all got out and did the cake (the candles would NOT stay lit, so we had to sing really fast as they were being lit). He had a cool Hulk cake. Then he started opening presents (which he loved, by the way!). About half way through the present opening, AJ comes and tells me that they saw lightning and we had to leave!!! I was like, "What! We still have 30 minutes!" I looked up at the sky and it was perfectly fine. The lifeguards came over and said a huge storm is going to be here in 10 minutes and we need to get you out now. At that point, I was like, "Where????" On the other side of the building you could finally see where it was DARK and scary looking. So everyone started running around like crazy, stuff was being thrown everywhere, people were running around trying to gather up everything, running to the car, throwing stuff in the back, etc. It was CRAZY!!! I felt bad for all our guests because I promised them they could get back in the pool after cake and everything, and then they ended up being shooed out of their like crazy people. Oh well, at least we did all the actual party stuff, and everyone got to swim for a good while. The party went really well, and that just added to the excitement. LOL!

After the party, we went and let Sam spend some of his birthday money. Avery had a little bit of the Green-Eyed Monster coming out in him and didn't understand why he was getting even more presents after his party. He was pretty sad about it, and Sam (thinking this all by himself) came over to me and said, "Mommy, I would like to use some of my money to buy Avery a present." So he surprised Avery and got him his own little toy. What a sweet boy we have! Avery was very happy after that, and very appreciative of Sam. I also had a little talk with him about his yucky attitude on someone else's birthday. I think it got through to him.

Sam got a lot of neat stuff, including 3 more Webkinz. That boy is obsessed with those things, as are most kids his age, right now. :) He also got some Hulk and Iron Man stuff, which he was really hoping for, so he is ecstatic about how cool his birthday was.

I am glad it was a good day, and that we have done everything we needed or wanted to do this summer. Tomorrow is surgery day. I have to get up at 5:00 in the morning. Ummm, if any of you know me, even a little bit, then you know that I DON"T DO MORNINGS! WE haven't been getting up until like 9:00 this summer and I am loving it. 5:00 is NO good. I think the last time I got up that early was last time he had surgery 2 years ago. I do everything I can to stay in bed as long as possible. Sigh... Oh well, we are ready to get it over with and get him feeling better. So please be thinking about us tomorrow. I will post more after his surgery if I can.

Until then, here are some party pics!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

All About Sam

Today was all about Sam. Happy Birthday to my 8 Year Old!!! He had a great day! Not only was it his birthday today, but he also got to get baptized as a member of our church. He has been waiting for this day for a long time. He got a couple of presents this morning, but the rest will wait until his party on Saturday. :)

He woke up to donuts, a rare treat. We even let him blow out candles on top of his donut. :)

Here is his present from Avery, which he loves. Excuse the morning hair. :)

We went to church, where everyone paid special attention to him. He got a new set of scriptures for his birthday and he was SO excited to take them to church. He said, "I don't just LIKE them, I LOVE them! " :) They played a game today, where they explored the scriptures looking for "treasure". The Primary President (the leader of the children) told us that it was so cute to see him so excited about his scriptures. He couldn't wait to look up scriptures, find things, etc. She said a light is definitely shining within him. :)

After church we rushed home, made brownies and cookies, ate dinner, and rushed back to the church for his baptism. It was a really good service. He loved it and we were so proud of him. I got to sing for him. He specifically asked me to a few weeks ago, and I couldn't say no, even though I was nervous. I couldn't look at him though because he had this huge smile on his face every time I looked and it was so cute I had to look away or I would cry. His Grandma, G, came and he was so happy about that. It was just so cute to see him listening to what everyone said so intently and really taking this seriously. He did have to get up there and say an Article of Faith (the basics of what our church is about)because the Bishop (the Leader of our particular church) found out he could recite all 13 of them. That embarrassed him a little bit, he is so shy, but he did great. We had so many people there, not even everyone could come in and sit down. It was a special, special day in all of our lives. Avery even got to take part in it, by saying the opening prayer. :)

Sam, today was such a special day. Thanks for being such a great kid. You are more than we could ever ask for. 8 years old, I just can't believe it. Every year I tell you you just can't grow any more. I want you to stay my little boy forever, but at the same time, I love to see you growing, learning, and maturing every day. You are one of the sweetest boys anyone could meet. You think about other people's feelings, you put others before yourself. You try hard to do the right thing. You are quiet, and shy, but very friendly. You are so smart. At 7 years old you were reading and understanding the huge Harry Potter books. You do excellent and school and try hard. You can't stand to not get something right and you do everything you can to make sure everything you do is perfect in every way. You rarely get in trouble, but when you do you feel really bad and try to make it up to whoever each and every time. You are the first one to listen the first time someone gives you directions. You are always alert and ready for the next step. Even though your whole life you have been sick and not 100%, you wouldn't know it. I don't know that anyone else could go through all that you do and still be as happy and cheerful as you are. Even though you don't understand why you get sick all the time or why you can't do things that other kids can, you do the best you can and don't complain. You are an example to all of us. We love you so much and are so happy that you are our kid. I love you, Sam Sweeney. :)

Here are some more pictures of his day.

Sam and G.

Avery jumping in.

Our Family

G and Family

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The 4th

Yesterday we ended up having some families over for a pool party. We grilled, swam, and ate. It was a good time. After that we did some fireworks and then watched the rest that our cool neighborhood did. I think everyone had fun. Here are the pics!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pools, Pools, and More Pools!

All we have done this week is swim.

Monday Lindsay and her kids came over to swim in our pool for the first time. They played in the house for a while, then we had lunch and went out to swim. Wellll, it has been a pretty mild summer for the most part and this week has cooled down some. So the water was pretty cold. Sam was the only one that was fine in it, the rest of us were freezing. It didn't help that the sun was behind clouds most of the time and there was a cool wind. I think it would have been fine if the sun would have been out. So we only lasted like 30 minutes. The kids came in and played some more and then they left. After that we just got ready for the day and I went to rehearsal that night.

Tuesday we went to Mrs. Gunder's house (Sam's teacher) and went swimming in their neighborhood pool. Avery was GRUMPY most of the time. Sam loved it. The water was pretty cold there as well, but the sun was out so we got accustomed to it pretty quickly. We got to see Autumn, Mrs. Gunder's baby, who we hadn't seen for a while. We love her and were used to seeing her a ton since Lindsay babysit her. It was fun and a nice day. After that we went to get Sam's allergy shot. Then Lindsay and I went to the Y and did Advanced Step 3. I think I will like it once I get used to the steps more, but I think I overdid it after being sick this week. I got tired quickly and very hot. I was feeling sick towards the middle. We finished and then both of us collapsed at a table for a little bit. LOL! I called AJ and we decided to go to a mexican restaurant for dinner. I really didn't feel like cooking after that, and I could feel a too much exercise headache coming on. Whenever I am sick I always crave mexican food for some reason, so I had been dying for it for a few days, so this was just a good excuse to go. When we got home AJ and the kids went in the pool. I knew it was definitely too cold for me, so I lounged on the couch, nursing my headache, and watching America's Got Talent. I really don''t like that show at all, but I am watching it to see if I catch a glimpse of us being on it. I did! It was only a 3 second thing, but I saw a guy we know hugging a girl on the front row with me. They haven't done Nashville yet, so hopefully that will come soon, and maybe they will show us so I can quit watching. LOL!

Today we went to one of our favorite summer places. It is a 1 foot wading pool, complete with mushrooms, sprayers, etc. The kids love it. Well, Avery forgets that he loves it for the first hour usually, and then he realizes he does and never wants to leave. We got there at 10:00, played for a while, had a picnic lunch, played at the cool playground, and then went back in to swim. We stayed until about 2:00. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!