Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Summer!

Woohoo! No more school! I am soooo ready for Summer! Maybe not the heat, but the non stressful, non busy, easy summer, where I can SLEEP!

This week went by fast. We were busy, busy, of course! Thursday we spent all day cleaning and packing up Mrs. Tarpley's room. There was still a lot left to do though! Friday was the big End of Year party in Sam's class. We decorated the room to look like an airplane and then we went on a trip to Australia. They got peanuts, drinks, and watched Finding Nemo and their long plane ride. They thought that was cool. Then we had pizza for lunch and continued on into the party. We had a Nursery Rhyme Olympics (which was being held in Australia). They played lots of games having to do with Nursery Rhymes. It was a fun day.

After school we did our annual last day of school tradition of going to the drive-in. We saw Narnia and Speedracer. Sam was excited for Narnia and Avery really wanted to see Speedracer. IN the middle of Narnia it started POURING rain. Of course, at that exact moment Avery HAD to go to the bathroom. So I grabbed the umbrella and carried him up there. By the time we got back my shoes and feet were covered in mud. Everything was soaked. It was a mess. Narnia ended up being LONG and everyone was getting tired by the end. Intermission came and everyone perked back up. Avery was sooo excited. But about halfway through he was sooo tired. He said, "Mommy, I HAVE to go to sleep now". It ended up that everyone except Sam went to sleep. Sam thought it was very funny that he was the only one that could stay awake. We didn't get home until 2:30 in the morning. When I made Avery go to the bathroom before putting him in bed, he said, "OK, I can finish watching Speedracer now!". I don't think he quite understood that we were home and it was over. He was so tired. He was also very sad about missing it. I guess we will be renting it.

Yesterday we got a pool! Some people that moved into a house that had an existing pool decided they didn't want the pool so they gave it to us for free. It is a big above-ground pool. We got it all taken apart and over here yesterday, and now need to put it up over here. The kids are excited and so am I!

My allergies are still kicking my butt and are making me sooo tired. Can't it be June yet?!

This week is out 10 year Anniversary! AJ is taking me away on a mini trip just the two of us later this week. The kids will be staying with Lindsay. So we will be spending the first part of the week putting up the pool, packing, cleaning, and getting ready to go. The kids are very excited to be spending several days at Lindsay's, and I am excited to just relax and do whatever we want with no kids attached!

Anyway, I will post pics and stuff of the pool, the trip, etc as soon as everything is done.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meds, Meds, Everywhere!

So I went to the doctor today for my stupid allergies. Apparently, I have mild asthma all the time, which really gets aggravated by my allergies. So I now have to start using an inhaler. He also put me on 2 allergy meds, Zyrtec and Singulair (this will also help with the asthma). I also have a steroid, 2 nasal sprays, Nasonex and Astelin, ans Pataday for my eyes. I have already been doing Pataday, and it hasn't been helping too much, but hopefully combined with everything else it will do it's job. Anyway, 7 different meds should do the trick!

In other news, Avery went for a playdate at Trey's house today so I could get some stuff done and go to the doctor. Julie was going to take them to playgroup (which I couldn't go to because it was at a park, which means outside, which means REALLY bad news for me!) Well, not long after they left, she called me and said that the two of them had thrown blocks down the toilet!!!! What is the deal with throwing things down the toilet??!!! I went right over and picked him up. They didn't get to play, they didn't get to go to playgroup. Avery had to go with me while I did boring errands and go with me to the doctor. Fun, fun! NOT! I had also promised him a Webkinz this week and he is not getting that anymore. That is what devastated him. He was so sad and cried forever. I think he gets the point now! I have reminded him all day why he was in trouble, how he couldn't have any fun, etc. If he does it again I will be very surprised.

Anyway, I won't be around much the next few days, and then it will be SUMMER! Yippee!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I told you this week would be busy, and it is only Tuesday!

We have had some ordeals recently! Last Friday I subbed a half day at school, and Julie stayed at my house with Avery and Trey. When I got home Avery and I went straight to do some grocery shopping. AJ picked Sam up from school and we got home about the same time. When Sam walked into the livingroom, he said, "What happened to the ceiling!?" So I went in there and there was a big, long crack that was all bubbled up. Our house had major drywall issues after we bought it so I just thought it was one more thing to do with that until I realized it looked wet!! So we went upstairs and apparently the toilet was flooding the bathroom! The boys had thrown Little People toys, dinosaurs, and toilet paper all down the toilet!!!!! Um, to say the least, we were very angry! WE thought maybe a pipe had broken, the toilet was broken, and the ceiling was ruined! I had to leave to go take pictures just after we found the disaster, so AJ was left to deal with the mess. He managed to get the toilet working and figured it wasn't a broken pipe, thank goodness! The ceiling is definitely going to need some work, which I am NOT looking forward to. It is a BIG pain to do drywall stuff! The toilet has stopped working again, so he is going to have to take it apart and find whatever toy is stuck in there. Siggghhhh.....

The next day, Sam and Avery were upstairs playing. Sam starts screaming and ran down the stairs saying that he knocked his tooth out! He was behind Avery and somehow he rammed his mouth into Avery's head and broke part of his tooth off. Yes, it is a permanent one! Avery was perfectly fine and didn't even realize that Sam was so hurt. He then started crying because Sam was crying. LOL! The tooth hurt him that day, but was fine the next. I took him to the dentist today and they took an X-ray. Thankfully it doesn't look like the root or gum are injured. The dentist said they could build it up so it looks normal, but said that since they are active, little boys that it would most likely get knocked out again, so he said it is probably better to just wait until he is older and calmer before building it up. It really doesn't look that bad, and you don't even notice because it is a bottom one, so we will wait to get it capped. It isn't bothering him at all and everything seems ok. Whew!

Yesterday I subbed for Sam's class. They argued all day, but it went fine. My allergies REALLY started acting up even more yesterday, and I started coughing along with all the other allergy issues. Today was field day at school (Sam's class got 3 2nd place ribbons, and 4 3rd place). We were outside ALL say. Bad, Bad news for me! By the end my eyes were itching terribly, I couldn't breath, my nose was constantly running, I just felt horrible. After school we went to get Sam's allergy shot, where I continued dying. On the way home things got even worse. By the time I got home, one eye was completely swollen shut, and the other eye was all foggy, itchy, and felt like I had rocks in my eyes. I look TERRIBLE and feel like it too! The coughing is getting worse, which usually means I am on my way to having allergy-induced asthma. My face, throat, and chest are all extremely itchy as well. Soooo, tomorrow I will be going to the doctor to get a steroid shot, and whatever else they can give me so I can get through the next few weeks. Stupid May!

Friday is the last day of school, and we are having a cool class party, so I will be busy preparing for that the next couple of days. Hopefully, there will be no more catastrophes any time soon!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Field Trip, Mother's Day, and More!

This week was filled up, in case you couldn't tell by the no new postings!

Monday, Avery and I went to Zumba, and then hung out playing all day. He has really been into hanging out with Mommy lately. :)

Tuesday, we went and registered Avery for the other preschool at Sam's school. We won't know until August if he makes it in there. Then we had Mother's Day Sweet treats with Sam's class. Sam made me a bouquet of coffee filter flowers that even had a scent, and a wind chime. He also made a cute "My Mom is Special" paper. Here is what it says.

My Mom is special because "she is so nice to me."
I like it when my Mom hugs me."
My Mom can do many things! I think she's best at "loving me."
My Mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by "me laughing."
My Mom is as pretty as a "flower."
My Mom is smart! She even knows "how to be a teacher."

I thought the last one was especially funny. :)

Mrs. Gunder made brownies, cookies, and cakes for all of us. She did a great job! :)
Tuesday night I also had a PTO meeting where I was offically made Volunteer Coordinator for the school. Yikes!

Wednesday, we were supposed to go to the Zoo (again), but I woke up with my allergies worse than ever. I sneezed the instant I got up, all through the shower, etc. My eyes were horribly puffy and itchy. My head was pounding and full of congestion. I just overall felt terrible and knew there was no way I could survive the zoo. Lindsay and I went to lunch at O'Charley's instead. We also did Zumba gain. I really love it!

Thursday, I subbed for Taylor's class. The whole class argued and fought all day. You can tell everyone is ready to be out of school, including myself! Sam also got to celebrate his birthday at school since he has a summer birthday. He enjoyed that. Tat afternoon, we went to the Y with Lindsay. We ended up doing a hard class that neither of us had ever done before. I didn't like it that much, I much prefer Zumba. I am even still a little sore today from that class!

Friday, Sam had a field trip on the Music City Queen which is a riverboat. I went to school to chaperone the field trip and ended up for another second grade class. Luckily it was a pretty laid back field trip so I still mostly got to hang out with Sam and his class. After the boat trip we went to the park. The day went well and I think everyone had fun. Sam is really gonna miss second grade and all his friends.

Friday night Lauren from church came over to play. She is Sam's age, born only 3 days before him. The boys loved having her. The played until almost 10:00. AJ was camping that night.

Saturday was soccer. I couldn't find Avery's socks anywhere (for some strange reason I was thinking I was looking for BLUE soccer socks, when I should have been looking for white. It took me forever to realize that the blue soccer socks were from when Sam played soccer 3 years ago!!!) So I wasted a lot of time looking for something I didn't even need. Anyway, they played an actual game this week and Avery did great! He got the ball several times. Then a girl's head ran into his cheek and that was the end for him.

After soccer we went and played at the outdoor McDonald's playplace. Then we went to Baskin Robbin, where they each got ice cream and free donuts for participating in a coloring contest. After that we came home and got AJ after camping. He got hurt AGAIN. Every time he goes he injures something! One time he was chopping wood and chopped into his leg. Another time, he sprained his ankle terribly (which is still hurt), and this time he burned his hand on his camp stove. He's a dork! :) One of the boys ran head on into another boy during a game of capture the flag (in the dark) and ruptured blood vessels in his eye, sliced open underneath his eye, and has a terrible black eye. He had to get stitches and he looks terrible, but was fine. Anyway, we then went to Opry Mills, where the boys went and saw Iron Man, and Lindsay and I went shopping. Sam needed new khakis and shoes. After that we went to AJ's Grandmother's house for a little Mother's Day celebration. The boys love going there. :)

For Mother's Day AJ got me a gift card to Kohl's. The boys got me a little digital camera. I hate carrying my big, expensive camera around all the time, so I have been wanting a small one that I could just stick in my purse. Yea! After church I took a bath, read a book, and now we are about to eat dinner.
AJ is taking care of all the laundry and dishes today. Yea again!

Anyway, that's it for this week. Here are some pics of Sam on his field trip.

Sam with his friend, Riley.

Sam watching the view

The view

Sam and his good friends

Sam's Class

Sam having fun at the park

Saturday, May 3, 2008

This Week's Fun!

Well, there aren't pictures with everything we did, but here are some.

Avery and I went with Lindsay and Kinley (oh, and Autumn, too) to a fun gymnastics place yesterday. Avery loved it. He got to swing on a rope and fall into foam. He got to ride on a zip line and crash into some mats at the end. He got to jump on trampolines, do somersaults, climb ropes, and lots more. Fun, fun! You can see all those pics above.

Then after school we went to Sam's Spring Fling. It rained most of the late morning.early afternoon so we were worried, but it turned out great. The kids loved it as usual. I don't have any pics of Sam because he was off oding his own thing most of the time. There were lots of inflatables, pony rides (Avery's favorite), food, games, etc. We stayed until about 8:30, so it was a long, fun day.

Today we did soccer, and we are about to go to our Church Picnic. This week was crazy busy, but we had lots of fun too. Enjoy the pics!