Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Stuff

So Sam got his cast off and got these instead.

Yep, the time finally came. I was hoping my terrible eyesight would bypass the kids, but apparently not. I got glasses when i was in 5th grade too. He looks pretty darn cute in them, wouldn't you say? :) He was dreading getting them, but then when he realized how hard it was to see, he changed his mind. He actually kept begging us to go get them. i was the one dragging my feet. I HATED glasses and got contacts the minute I could. Then of course, had eye surgery as soon as I could after that. :) Anyway, we went to just browse one night while we were out. The first 20 pairs looked horrible! I was soooo worried and had decided his eyes weren't that bad and he would be fine without them. Yes, I was pushing my issues onto him.What can I say, glasses and I didn't get along. :) Anyway, he kept trying and FINALLY we found some that looked pretty good. We decided to wait and go look at a few other places before choosing. That weekend we went and looked some more and found some perfect for him. He just needed a certain style. What was funny was that Avery tried on all the glasses too and he looked good in every single pair!! He is now dying for glasses too. LOL! Avery obviously has the perfect face shape! Anyway, Sam looks great and decided he is going to wear them all the time, even though he technically doesn't have to. He is legal to "drive" without glasses. Hopefully that lasts and he doesn't get as blind as I was!

This winter has been CRAZY! I have never seen so much snow here! We haven't had a full week of school since before Christmas Break! We actually have been loving it, but today I realized I want them back in school and want things to be back to normal! Hopefully, this crazy weather will be done. Tennessee is not prepared for snow so if even an inch falls people are wrecking, the whole city shuts down, and it is a mess. Last year it snowed twice, i think, and Sam didn't get to play because he had a cast on and was sick. This year he was cast-free! Lindsay's kids came over and they played, and built a fort and snowman. Taylor just liked rolling around in the snow! Every picture I have of him, he is laying or rolling in the snow. He was like a puppy dog! LOL!

I have had a crazy school load. I had to get all of my semester's classes done in one month. I wasn't sure I could do it, but I did it in 3 weeks! Craziness! Now I can student teach in the fall like I had planned. I went so quick with all this school stuff, that they weren't expecting me to be ready in time. I surprised them so that is why I had to fit in those classes like that. At least I got it done. I still have a lot to do before the fall, but it will be my typical workload, so I should be fine. Whew! Can't wait til it is over. I haven't read a book in almost 2 years and you know that is VERY weird for me!!

Guess that is about it. I just don't have time to do the extra stuff like blogging, so that is why my posts have slowed down. School and kids and school take all my time, so I have no extra.

Anyway, enjoy some more cute pics of Sam.