Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well, this school year seems to be bringing with it a lot of new things for our boys!

First, this is what Avery learned to do the other night.

No training wheels!

He is SOOO proud of himself. He asks the minute he wakes up if he can go ride. Um, no, school is in 5 minutes. LOL! Then as soon as he gets home, he hangs his backpack up and is right back outside riding away! It is 95 degrees out there, but that doesn't stop him one bit! He rode last night until after it was dark outside. Crazy kid.

Go Avery!

So excited!

By bye training wheels!

He is dying to lose his first tooth. He keeps telling me all these tooth are loose, even though none of them really are. :) He is reading like a champ! His teacher told me that she is sad because that is her favorite part of teaching 1st grade, teaching the kids to read, and Avery already knows. He amazes us with the words he can read.

Sam is growing up! He told me today that a girl in his class told him that another girl likes him! He was all shy and embarrassed, but he secretly liked it. :) I told him I had my first boyfriends in 5th grade. ;) Then he admitted later that he had 2 girls he liked too. That is a secret though, so don't say a word! He would kill me!

He also has some big news. 5th grade had a contest to see who could design and draw the new logo for their field trip t-shirts. Each class got to vote on their favorite. Sam won from his class! He's a finalist. They haven't voted on the overall winning design yet, but he is very hopeful. Ugh, I am so mad because I didn't get a picture of it before he turned it in. I meant to, but then as Sam was going to bed, he dropped his water cup and it splashed all over his drawing. We were so worried about it that I completely forgot to take a picture. Thankfully, the water didn't mess it up at all. What a good little artist I have. :)

They also are excited because we have new neighbors. New neighbors WITH kids. New neighbors with BOYS! They have 2 boys, ages 5 and 7. They are super nice and fit right in the cul de sac. We felt bad for them because they moved here from Las Vegas and their furniture didn't get here until a week later! They had nothing all that time. YUCK! We are glad they are here though. Yea for good neighbors.

I guess that is about it. The kids have adjusted well to the new school year and everything is going great. Ta ta for now! :)