Monday, February 15, 2010

Awww, I love this picture. :)This was taken at Sam's class Valentine's party on Friday. So let's talk about Sam! My sweet Valentine.

He got his cast off on Thursday!! Yea! He came right home and took a shower! LOL! It is doing better, but is still hurting him, especially when he is on it a lot. By the end of school on Friday is was killing him.

Friday was his class party. The class made the parents chili, rolls, and fruit salad. I helped out and it went great, well, not the rolls, but everything else. :) The rolls were pretty much small, little hockey pucks, but hey some people ate them! We had 5 different crock pots of chili, all different. We originally were going to make 2 batches of fruit salad, but the kids were SOOOO excited to eat it, that at the last minute, we decided to double it and I had to run to the store to get more ingredients. This was less than an hour before the other parents were schedule to be there! We made it though and got it made JUST in time! We wondered how the stuff would really taste since the kids made all of it, but everything was delicious!!! Whew! Almost every bit of the chili was gone, and there was A LOT of chili! We had 3 taste testers come in and grade the chili. My white chicken chili recipe won. Most people had never even seen white chili before so that was surprising. :) The kids were so excited and so proud of themselves. It was cute.

About an hour after we got home from school, Sam said he didn't feel good. he had been fine all day, but it suddenly hit him. We took his temp and it was 100.3! Less than 2 hours later and it was 102.8!!! Crazy! He had a fever off and on for 3 days, sometimes feeling fine, sometimes feeling terrible. Very strange. Today, he is doing better though.

Avery started complaining Saturday night about his stomach, and he had a temp all weekend of 99.3. Different symptoms though!

Then I started getting sick the middle of last week, and felt like a sinus infection was brewing all weekend.

Nice, 3 sick people, with all different things, on the 3 day weekend.

Anyway, it snowed last night, AGAIN, and is still snowing off and on today. This is VERY weird for Tennessee. Last week was the first full week of school we have had since December because it has snowed so much.

In other news, my trial Publix shopping, went well and I saved $50-100 this month only buying the publix deals. I have to go weekly, not my normal once a month, but it might be worth it if I keep saving this much. I had already cut our bill by $100 just by going to CVS and getting all those deals, so now I have cut our grocery bill in half by doing these things, and our grocery bill was already a ton cheaper than most people's bills! Woohoo!

I guess that is about it for now. Oh, I am so loving the Olympics. I used to watch them all the time when I was younger, but haven't really watched since a couple years after we got married. I have watched all of the events so far. Loving it! Good thing I have a tv in the computer room so I can still get stuff done, while I am absorbed in all that Olympics stuff! :)