Sunday, January 25, 2009

Party Day

Yesterday was a day of partying.

The morning started out with me going to Zumba (which is a party by itself ;) and AJ taking the boys to a swimming party for a boy at church. They hadn't swam in quite a while so that was fun for them. As soon as they got home we went to Kinley's party. We went skating. Yea, I love skating. Really!

The kids had a great time and skated a ton, more than they ever had before. They both did really good, and ended up doing better and better as the night went on. Sam ended up falling a few times and he hurt is wrist pretty bad. It is still really hurting him today, and he can't put any pressure on it. Should be fun for school tomorrow... Avery said, " I fell a hundred times, I'm really bad. Can we do it again tomorrow?" They both want to go back next Saturday. We'll see.

After that we went to dinner with Kinley and family. It wasn't very good at all, but oh well. It was eating out, which we hadn't done in quite a while.

Then we went to their house, had cake, and watched Kinley open presents. We just hung out there for a while and then came home and went to bed. Fun day!

I worked some this week and did a lot of errands and stuff the other days. I got asked to be the substitute for a teacher going on maternity leave. It is for 2 months. I haven't decided yet if I am going to take it. That's a long time. I like being able to be off when I want to be. ;) We'll see.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took. There aren't many because I was mostly out there skating right along with the kids. :)

Sam waiting for the races to be done.

Lindsay taking 5 minutes to send one text. LOL! ;)-

Birthday Girl and her Mommy

Birthday Girl

Sam on the Go

Kinley Skating

Autumn Wiping her Snotty Nose

Avery Going

Go Avery!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine's Day Idea

If you need an idea for Valentine's Day I have one for you. :)

My chorus,, is doing Singing Valentines again this year. I am singing in one of the quartets on that Friday and would love to come sing for you.

So here are the details.

On Friday and Saturday, February 13-14, TuneTown quartets will fan out across Nashville and surrounding areas to deliver Singing Valentines to special loved ones. Songs of devotion will ring out in offices, homes, restaurants, schools, factories, bowling alleys and nursing homes and romantics will get one of the most unique experiences possible.

Choose from four musical packages to be delivered either Friday (2/13) or Saturday (2/14):

“The Sweetheart” - $50.00…delivery between 8am-8pm
“On the Wings of Love” - $60.00…delivery within a 4-hour window
“Straight to the Heart” - $70.00…delivery within a 30-minute window
“Across the Miles” - $20.00 …A singing quartet will call your long distance Valentine and deliver your valentine over the phone.

A TuneTown Singing Valentine starts at $50 and includes a love song in close four-part harmony, plus a gift of Valentine’s candy with a card. Men and women alike are on the receiving end -- with often surprising results.

To place your order for a valentine gift your Sweetheart will never forget, visit our website at or call (615) 360-6375.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Guess I'm in a blogging mood now! LOL! 3 posts in one day! Wow!

Yesterday I was subbing for 3rd grade. Avery gets out earlier than the rest of the school so his teachers bring him to me at the end of the day. It was dismissal time so things were a little bit crazy. All of a sudden, I heard a crash, turned around, and kids were surrounding Avery and he was getting up off the floor. Next to him was one of the chairs that had been put up on top of the desk. He was crawling under the desk, his head hit the chair, and made it fall, right on to his finger! It landed right on the tip of his middle finger. He was hurt bad. It instantly swelled and turned purple and I wondered if it was broken. It was time for me to take the kids to the buses so I had to leave him (Sam was with him and he had calmed down some)so I ran the kids out and ran back to class, where he was still crying. It was sad, and I felt bad for him. I had him wiggle his fingers and move his hand around and he could move everything fine. After a couple more minutes he had stopped crying. I finished up at school and then we came home. He said it wasn't even hurting anymore and he could move them fine. 5 minutes later he was climbing on the shelves in the pantry trying to get a snack (yes, he is all boy), so obviously it was feeling better. He cried about it a few more times that night, we put some frozen corn on it, gave him so motrin, etc. He is perfectly fine today, although it looks terrible, and looks like it should really hurt.

Here are some pictures of his injured finger. Yuck! They don't really do it justice, his finger is really swollen compared to the others, but you get the picture. Ouch!

Cold Day

I thought I would post a sweet pic for your viewing pleasure. :) This is what our Snow Day or should I say Cold Day off of school was like. My sweet boys were watching a movie and this is how I found them.

Yep, I'm Behind

I kinda forgot about blogging for a while. Oops!

Thankfully, nothing much has been going on. School started again and things went back to normal.

Then the temperatures dropped and they closed school today, because it got down to 2 degrees last night, with a windchill of -15. I know that's not "cold" to a lot of you, but it is for Tennessee. Some of the heaters in schools aren't even working because it is too cold, plus kids are still coming to school without a jacket on, even when they have to wait for the bus. Anyway, I had to work today, so I am happy. We also are out on Monday for MLK day, so we have a 4 day weekend. We are all happy! :)

Hmmm, what else. My quartet is registered and will be competing in our Regional competition in March. Scary.

AJ is working a lot, since he is now the only one doing his job.

Really I can't think of anything else. Life is just back to normal. I will try and post something more exciting soon. I just didn't want to leave everyone hanging anymore, since I know you were all dying for a new update. ***roll eyes here***