Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Third Times a Charm

So, yes, I am the worst mom ever (although secretly AJ is more of a worse Dad because he was POSITIVE it wasn't broken and I wasn't. LOL! SHHH!). Sam has another broken bone and this time we made him wait more than a week before taking him to the doctor. Ahhhhh! Really?! How does this happen to the same kid 3 times in one year???? Especially, a nice, quiet, non-rowdy boy! If anyone should be breaking bones, it is AVERY, not Sam! Geez Louise!

So, the Sunday before last Sam was outside and he stepped off the sidewalk right into a hole. He immediately fell down and said he couldn't walk. AJ had happened to just leave to drop something off to a person from church. Sam is too heavy for me, so I tried and tried to get him to walk, but he wouldn't even move his foot in a different position. So I called AJ and made him rush back. He carried him in to the house and we were able to get his shoe off. He told me then that it was broken, but once again, nothing looked wrong with his foot at all. We decided to wait and see what happened with it. He sprains his ankles all the time so we were hoping it was just that again. Later that night, he was actually able to walk and it hurt, but he could stand it.

The next day he got up to go to school and was able to walk and get around fairly well. He went to school. When he got home he said it hurt pretty bad, but he was still walking and he barely had a limp!

That kept happening until about Friday. Friday it got worse and his limp was bad and he was complaining a lot. He was still saying it was broken, we were still saying it wasn't. I mean, he was walking almost normal and it wasn't killing him! He wasn't even crying! LOL. We decided to give it the weekend and hoped that resting it would help. We were sure he had just sprained it. Well, Sunday it started snowing so the boys went outside to feel the snowflakes. Sam was out there for 2 minutes when he pretty much collapsed again and said it hurt terribly. We brought him back in again. Once again, later he was able to walk again with barely a limp. AJ was positive he was being overly dramatic. I had my doubts, cuz he has known every time with the last broken bones, but still, he was able to walk and he wasn't dying. How can you walk on a broken foot bone??!!

So Monday I made him go to school, but I called and made an appointment to see the ortho. He takes one look at the x-rays and says, "Yep, it's fractured!" I couldn't believe it. Then he proceeded to poke and prod and manuever that foot all around. Poor Sam. So once again he is in a cast, this time blue. That darn kid. :) I told the doctor they must think I beat him, but nope, I just throw him in holes. LOL! AJ told Sam he was grounded and wasn't allowed to ride his bike, walk down the stairs, or even go outside anymore. LOL.

Yeah, I am sure you think I am a terrible mom, but really, I am positive you would not have believed it was broken either!!! He could walk! He barely complained til the end, and there was no indication at all. No swelling, nothing!!

The doctor said there is nothing wrong with his bones, kids just do that. If they are going to break something, it just happens to be that growth plate every time. But really, how do you just BREAK A BONE stepping off the side of the sidewalk or walking down the stairs! WEIRD!

I have never had a broken bone (my toes don't count) and I haven't drank milk or had a ton of calcium my whole life. If anyone should be breaking bones, it is me!

This better be the last bone!! I told him that next time I get to pick his cast color and it will be pink! Maybe that will stop those fragile bones from fracturing!

Earlier in teh week when he said he thought it was broken, I said I didn't think so. He said it was the same as his ankle. I said, "Noooo, you cried and cried about it and wouldn't walk at all." He said, "Yeah, well I'm older now!" I died laughing! I said, "Sam, it happened THIS year, it wasn't that long ago!" He said, "Yeah, but I was still 9 then!" Hahahahaha! Funny!