Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Beginnings

So the summer so far has been pretty lazy. Yea for lazy! It's so nice to just get to relax and go with the flow after the busiest month of May.

Basically we have been swimming every day, with a few things thrown in here and there. We totally love having a pool in our backyard. I have gone to the Y to do Zumba a few times, but I hurt my knee with all that twisting my first morning, so I have had to take it easy. Darn it. yesterday I felt dumb because I had to do everything low impact. I even had to stop early because it hurt so much. Darn knee!

Tuesday we were supposed to go see one of the cheap summer movies (our theater has kids movies for $2 and some other theaters in teh area have free movies). Anyway, we got all up and ready to go , and then I just happened to check which theater it was at, and I had it wrong! I thought it was the one here in town, which is 2 minutes away, but it was the one 35 minutes away. At that point we wouldn't have made it in time, so we went store hopping instead. I really need a new swimsuit, but I can't find a cute one, cheap enough anywhere. We spent the rest of the day in the pool.

Yesterday we went and played in the fountains at our Hospital. The kids loved it. After we left there, we had lunch, and then came home and jumped in our pool for 3 hours, until it started raining. We are definitely water dogs around here.

Today I had to take Sam to the doctor again. His rashy problem, yes the same one from a month ago, is back and hurting him. We are going to see a specialist on Tuesday. Thankfully it is cooler and rainy today, so they aren't missing the pool.

I have also been working hard trying to get Corporate sponsors for our Annual Golf Tournament. It is international this year, which is expensive, so we are trying to raise as much money as we can. I am definitely doing my part to help. I have contacted over 20 businesses this week.

A little while ago, I told the kids that I didn't feel like making dinner, and one of them needed to. :) Avery said, "I will!" he ran right into the kitchen and started pulling things out of the fridge! I said, "Avery, we are having chicken burritos". He said, "No we're not! We are having what I am making!" I asked him what we were having and he said pancakes and curly chips (Sun Chips). He had gotten the forzen pancakes out and was totally going to make dinner! It was too cute. i told him that I needed to make it tonight since I already had the chicken out, but maybe next time I will let him make what he wants. :) He doesn't really like the burrito so I will let him make himself a pancake to go along with the rice and beans. Weird, I know, but he will like it. Cute kid!

Ok, back to my dinner making, and back to my sponsorship forms to fill out. Happy summer!


Anonymous said...

I hope Sam's rash thing gets figured out soon - that's just crazy. Hope to see you a lot at the water playdates - sometime after you stop being lazy!!! LOLOL just kidding.

Anonymous said...

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