Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Stuff

Let me first scream and shout from the rooftops that I finished this semester and I passed that terrible, terrible exam that I have been dreading! Yea me!!!! Whew! I am glad that stupid class is over. The rest of it went well, but after starting with a huge burst of speed, I had to slow down some because of life. I hope to get more classes in this next semester. I am taking this weekend off and then I will start working on the stuff for next semester. Whew!

Avery has some news! Yesterday he finally tied his shoes by himself. We have been working on it, and he would get it some of the time, but he finally did it at school, all by himself yesterday. Yea! On to even bigger news... he read a whole book, perfectly, last night. He can read any old word, anytime, but when they are put together in a sentence he just wasn't getting it. I KNEW he could read, he just didn't know it! He finally figured it out last night and read the whole book perfectly and pretty easily. Yea Avery! It was exciting for him last night. We surprised his teacher this morning, which he couldn't wait to do. She was so proud of him! She also gave him the biggest part in his Christmas play. He's so smart. :)

Santa also called him last night, which was fun. I love that our town takes the time to do that each year.

Sam is doing ok. His lungs aren't doing so well at the moment, but I hope we can take care of it before his normal December pneumonia sets in. He came home yesterday, so proud, because his teacher always compliments him in front of the class, and she says over and over how he is the best reader she has ever had. He loves that!

They are both excited for school to be out after next week, and they are really excited for Christmas. They will be sooo surprised by their gifts this year. I can't wait!

That's about it. AJ has just been working. I have been studying non stop and the boys have been doing their thing. Just a typical busy month in this house.


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