Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekend Words

Well, let's just say it has been an interesting weekend.

This weekend was my chorus competition in Chattanooga. It was for our region so, all of the choruses in the southeast United States competed. I am excited to report that we WON 1st place AND we beat our previous score by quite a bit. Plus we beat the 2nd place chorus by even more. Yippee!! I was a bit worried because everyone seemed disconnected and complacent before this contest. Thankfully, our last rehearsal went much better, and we were able to bring it to the stage on Saturday!! 1st place, baby!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!

After the contest was over we ate dinner then had a little time to go to our room and freshen up for our show of champions later that night. I forgot my phone charger so I had been leaving my phone off as much as possible. I had just turned on my phone when I got a call from AJ. He said he was on the way to the ER with Sam. He had fallen off his bike and landed on his arm. He was screaming, couldn't move his arm, and it hurt from his shoulder to his fingers. Lindsay and I packed up super quick and were on our way home. We got here just as Sam and AJ got home. They did x-rays and it didn't look broken, but they said in a few days if it was still hurting then to go get more x-rays from an ortho. We all know our experience with his last broken bone. When they said it wasn't broken at first, then 5 days later, it was. Ugh! I hope that isn't the case this time. He came home with a splint, his arm all wrapped, and a sling. I had him take a shower this morning, but he was hurting a lot afterwards, and couldn't use his arm, so we put all of his paraphernalia back on. His fingers are really swollen and his arm looks a bit funny, so who knows. Hopefully it is just bruised really bad or something and gets better quick! This is Spring Break for him, so it won't be any fun with a hurt arm the whole time. He just got his last cast off less than a month ago! Boy this kid has fragile bones!

The other thing that happened this weekend, happened today at church. This is the mystery thing I was talking about in my last blog. :) In our church, the church members are responsible for the different positions within their congregation. We don't have a paid ministry, so we all pitch in and do different jobs. I was called to be the 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency. That means I am responsible for all the children in our building who are under age 12!!!! I have never even been a teacher in Primary so this will be interesting. My kids are excited, that's for sure! I have taught a lot of these kids at school, so it won't be a big change in that respect. As a presidency we are responsible for all the children, the teachers, cub scouts, etc. I have never done anything like this before so I am a little worried, but I am sure it will be great. At least good practice for teaching full-time soon. :) Next week will be a bit interesting I am sure!!

Well, that's the news for this weekend. Hopefully, nothing else "exciting" will happen this week. :)


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