Sunday, July 10, 2011

July Beginnings

Now onto July. I will get caught up on this blogging thing, just in time to fall back off once school starts again. My poor family journal is suffering.

Our 4th of July was good. We had our cul de sac neighbors over, Lindsay and fam, and our friend Robin and her little boy. We grilled, played a game, ran through the sprinkler, and the guys played a game of basketball. It was a nice day. Yea for cul de sacs!

The 6th was Sam's birthday. He is 11! Unbelievable! He's so big! It's weird. AJ said yesterday that he will be in High School in just 3 years and driving in 5. That is tooooo soon! He is having a big party on Friday for the opening of Harry Potter. Each year we give the boys the option of either having a birthday party where they get 2 presents from us, or no party, and we take the money we would spend on a party and get all the presents. So, Sam chose a party this year. It will be fun and we can't wait to see the movie!

For his birthday he got a basketball goal. isn't it funny that our short little munchkin family has a basketball goal. Well, we do, and we love it! He also got a cell phone. Yes, I know, he's 11! You would be amazed at how many 3rd graders already have a phone though! We did not want to do it and were totally against it for a long time. He has asked for more than a year. We said no way. He is always with me, why does he need his own. Well, then I realized that he will be at a different school, I will be working, he will have extracurriculars, etc. I still was against it, but finally after several months, I decided it was a good thing with RULES. Plus, I needed a new phone. LOL! He has been very good with it, and hopefully it stays that way. It will make my life earlier, since I won't be around him as much, and can always keep track of him. Also, it is a good consequence for when he gets in trouble. We can just take it away and he won't be able to stand it. Muahaha! We're evil.

Avery had his very first throwing up sickness on Sam's birthday. He was perfectly fine the day before. I was sleeping and just after 8:00 he runs in my room with his hand over his mouth saying he was going to throw up. I told him to go in the bathroom and he made it just in time. He threw up every hour until about 4 o'clock that day. No fever, nothing, just constant throwing up. It was very strange. He is rarely sick (the opposite of Sam) so it was very unusual. The most he ever has is a cold. He made it through it though, without even whining. Woohoo! Poor kid. I felt bad for him, especially on a day that should have been fun. Thankfully, Sam got his phone so he was occupied with that and didn't care that we didn't do anything special. Thankfully, we had gone out to dinner the night before since AJ had to go back to work. No one else got sick, and he was fine the next day. Whew!

He also lost his second tooth the other night. He thinks that is just the coolest thing. The tooth fairy brings 5 quarters for each loose tooth. When I asked him if she had left him anything he said, " Just about a doller in quarters". I said, "Cool! That's great! " He said, "I don't really use quarters for anything!" LOL! I told him quarters were just as good as dollars, and he should use them from now on.

I guess that is about it for last week. I will post party pics sometime next week. Who knows, maybe I will post something before that and actually have 3 posts within several days of each other. Weirdness!


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