Saturday, April 7, 2012

April in Pictures

It's only day 7 and already so much has happened!

The most important thing?! Avery turned 8 years old!

At the end of last month, I took over as a 1st grade teacher for the rest of the year. I am TIRED and so busy, but love it!

Avery's birthday was on the 4th. He decided to forego the party this year and wanted a trampoline instead. He NEEDS it for gymnastics. ;)

Every morning he wakes up, gets dressed and comes into my room and lays back down on my bed until I am all ready. So we surprised him with his presents on my bed. He didn't think he was getting anything except his trampoline, so he was excited. Excuse the bed head.

Then he was surprised to get a birthday donut as we sang happy birthday.

I fixed his hair after that. ;)

That night we went to one of his favorite restaurants, O'Charley's. He also got a haircut. That wasn't quite as fun. :)

Thursday was his school Easter party and Friday was No School!

Friday night, his friend Sloan slept over. They had a great time, although not much sleeping went on.

Today was a very important day. First he got to play with Sloan lots more. Then he got baptized! The water heater was broken so he had a very frigid baptism. As soon as he sat up he said, "Ahhh!" and ran out of that water! He also forgot to close his mouth, so he was having issues. LOL. Sam played a baptism song on the piano for Avery. It was his first time playing in public. He did great. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the baptism boy.

Then we went straight to Avery's first Pinewood Derby. This was his first Cub Scouts meeting. His shirt isn't even ready yet! AND he WON FIRST PLACE! He was so excited. When we got in the car and we were talking about all the great things he did today, he said, " I'm lucky!" Keep that attitude, mister! :) I'm glad he is lucky! He's our happy, silly little boy. Just about every day last year he said, It's the best day ever." I love that about him. Sweet, sweet boy.

Finally, here is a pic of the doggies. Just because. Zia is the littler, lighter one, even though she is a month older than Apollo. :)

I haven't been a very good doggy mommy and these are the first pics of taken since the day we got them. They are now 4 months and 5 months old.

Maybe it won't be so long next time. Ha! What am I saying! I don't have time for this, so yeah, it probably will be. :)


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