Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well that was a long, but quick 6 weeks! I finished up my long stint subbing for 1st grade. I loved it, but boy was I busy!!!! I had way too much going on and not enough time to do it. That's why there hasn't been many blog posts.

My class was great. It was a lot of work, but they learned a lot, and it was a great time. I will miss them. They were all sad when I left, and told me they didn't want me to go, but they will LOVE their real teacher, so i am not worried about them at all. I also plan on visiting a lot. :) I was ready to be done though, so I could get busy on other stuff. My own school work kinda fell to the way side, so I am not as far as I want to be. Thankfully, I can make up that time now.

The kids loved me being at school every day, and Avery is sort of freaking out that I won't be there anymore.

Not only was I working every day, doing my normal every day stuff, doing college work, and more, but it is also my busiest time of year for the PTO. I am the volunteer coordinator for the school. The beginning of the year, I have to input everyone's information, find classroom representatives, etc. I have literally been sending hundreds of emails the past few weeks, not to mention all the data I have been typing. Whew!

Sam has also been busy. He joined a club at school called the RAK (random acts of kindness) club. He will be perfect for it. He is so compassionate and loving. He stays one day after school for that. Then tryouts for the school play are tomorrow. He will then be staying after school an additional 2 days a week for that. He also has cub scouts. we were going to add swim lessons, but with everything else, I think we will wait. He is doing great in school, although he says 4th grade is pretty hard. He also will be doing lots of projects this year, which I am NOT excited about. Yuck!

Avery loves Kindergarten, and especially loves his teacher. He comes home every day saying, "She hasn't taught me to read yet!" He can't wait to read like Sam. He can already read words, but he expects to be able to read Harry Potter by now. :) He also wants to learn to tie his shoes, and tons of other things. He is definitely a learner!

AJ has been working a ton. He is the only one doing his job and now that business has picked back up, it is making for longer days. He went camping this weekend though, which he loves, so he should be happy for a while.

Next month is our International singing competition. We also have our annual show. We have been working like crazy for that. We have tons of choreography to learn, and since I am on the front row, I am a dancing machine. ;) I also will be singing in a small ensemble group for the show. It is going to be our best show yet. It will be great to watch. Come see us! You will get to see me dance like crazy, I am right up front almost the whole time on all the songs, and you will hear me sing with a small group, plus it is a Halloween show, so you can imagine what else you might see me do. Come see me to find out! :)

Anyway, things should slow down a little bit now, so I will be back around. :)


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