Thursday, January 14, 2010


As I suspected...broken ankle.

Yesterday I made poor Sam hobble around on a broken ankle because the radiologist didn't see the obvious wrongly positioned ankle bone. Grrr.

I told him he was going to school today no matter what. This morning came and he did not go to school. Why? Because he cried and cried and said his ankle hurt even worse. Well, yeah, walking on a broken ankle is no good. Too bad we didn't know it was broken. Wait, we should have since we had x-rays 2 days before. Grrr.

We sort of thought he was being dramatic so I took Avery to school and then came home to convince Sam to go to school. He said he would rather go to the doctor and have them do x-rays again. I told him that his class was going on a field trip to Chuck E Cheese and he was going to miss it. He cried. No, they weren't going on a field trip, I had to make sure he wasn't exaggerating. Yes, I am mean. I honestly didn't know though, and that's all I could think of to say that would convince me. I didn't want to go back and pay more money for x-rays to have them tell me it was nothing. It's January, we have to meet all of our deductibles again. That is a lot of money. So, I was a little mean, but I was convinced. He forgave me.

Called the doctor back. She wasn't in yet, so they just made an appointment for us to see her in the afternoon. She looked at it, touched around and said something is definitely wrong, but someone who knows more than me needs to look at it. She called in a favor to a local ortho doc and got us in an hour later. We stopped and picked up the x-rays we had done earlier in the week to take with us.

The doctor came in, looked at his ankle. Pushed on it. OWWW! He then looked at the x-rays and immediately called me over to show me. The radiologist didn't see a crack so he said no break. What he missed was that Sam's ankle bone was scooted over quite a bit. It wasn't even close to lined up with his leg bone. Ow. It's on his growth plate, but the doctor said he should be just fine and no surgery s needed. He has a read cast for 4 weeks. He thinks that's pretty cool, although it is heavy, and at the moment it still hurts to walk.

Poor kiddo. That's a lot of days to have a broken anything. Too bad we couldn't get it taken care of when the x-rays were first done.


Thelma said...

Poor kiddo. And I would have done the same in your situation. As we know....boys can be as full of drama. Hope the mending goes well and quickly.

Anonymous said...

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