Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Stardom! LOL!

I have been asked to post the link to my YouTube debut. :)

Here's the link for that!

Here's the story....
This story was really funny and we were laughing throughout singing because all of this guy's co-workers thought it was HILARIOUS that their boss was finally getting a taste of his own medicine. So they took their camera and were holding it out from a doorway so all you could see was this camera with an arm floating in mid air. It was really weird to have this floating camera in front of your face so we were all trying so hard not to laugh. Anyway, enjoy!

While I am at it, I will post the newspaper article about my Valentine Quartet too.

One of the companies that my quartet did Singing Valentine's for loved us so much that he included us in a press release for his company! Woohoo! I'm Famous! LOL



Angel said...

What will you do with all your fame and fortune?

Hopefully you'll share some of the fortune part with your good pal Angel :P

Just kidding! That's very cool!