Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Break!

This week is Spring Break for Sam. It's been a great week, but has gone super fast. We've pretty much just run around doing various things. Today was busy. We went to playgroup at this fun, new place called The Monkey Treehouse. It's pretty far away, but the kids LOVED it! Sam pretty much spent the whole time in the sand box. Avery just ran around trying out everything. After that we came home for a bit, and then went to the Y. After the Y we went to McDonald's with Lindsay and another friend from playgroup. Don't worry, I didn't waste all of my hard work at the Y, I got a salad! LOL! Anyway, we were pretty much gone most of the day. That has been how our week has gone mostly.

This weekend is our Regional Competition for singing. We will be in Chattanooga working hard to get 1st place! I am SO excited! If we win this competition, we get to go to International again in 18 months, which happens to be in Nashville! Whew! Much cheaper than Canada! :) Wish us luck on Saturday!I leave on Friday so I have also been busy trying to make sure everything is ready for me to leave.

Sam got a Webkinz for Easter. He is loving that thing! Webkinz are basically stuffed animals, which come with a code. You use the code to get on to an online Webkinz world, where you take care of your animal, play games, etc. He got a chocolate lab and named him Hershey. It's his new favorite thing. The signs of impending sickness are already here (he just had pneumonia and did better for a while), but he is right back to getting some sort of infection. Sigh.... Poor kid. He also has been taking swim lessons this last month and LOVES it! He is doing great and his sickness junk doesn't seem to be effecting that. Maybe we have found something he can finally do, that doesn't tire him out or is too much for his body to handle. Yea!

Avery is just Avery! Wild and crazy as normal! :) His birthday is next week and he is excited for that. He asked me to go get cupcakes today. LOL! He is getting so big. He starts soccer soon as well. We also hope to get a letter soon about him getting in to the preschool at Sam's school. We HOPE he makes it. He is so excited about going to school! He is at Sam's school ALL the time and that feels like home to him so I don't want to have to find some other place. We'll see.

AJ isn't really doing much, except working. :) The kids have been loving being able to stay up late this week so they get to see more of him.

Anyway, I suppose that is it for my first post. I hope I do a good job at keeping up here, and I hope it is easy to print out! :)


luvgod said...

Thanks for the link to your blog, Shauna! Will you post the link to your YouTube "debut?" I was telling Ramell about it yesterday but I had already deleted the email it was in. Thx for keeping us updated!