Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We Are Here!

Hi Everyone!

I know I send out group emails periodically, but I thought this might be a better way to keep up with things. I have had several websites, emails, etc that I have kept everyone updated with over the years, but now decided I would try out blogging! I am sure it won't be as interesting or exciting as some of the blogs out there, but basically I am just doing this for myself and to keep everyone updated when they want to be updated. :) I always print out all my updates that I send out and I have decided to put all of those print outs into a family journal. I am going to try and update pretty often with just the daily things that we do, so we will have a record of our day to day life, and have something to look back on many years from now. :) So come check in on us whenever you feel like, we will be here!