Friday, October 3, 2008


Sam has pneumonia now. I took him back for his follow up appt today to check on his asthma, etc, and it has turned into pneumonia. He now has 2 inhalers and antibiotics to go along with all the other stuff they gave us on Monday. He has to go back in 10 days to check on him again. Poor little boy. He just feels bad. He is so tired of feeling yucky all the time. He is now getting car sick all the time, even the 3 minute drive to school. He feels like throwing up all the time. He gets infections constantly. He is on a million medicines all the time. Just about every day he asks me if they can ever make him better. :( So sad. As soon as he gets over this bout of sickness I am going to make a long appointment with our new ped and beg her to please find whatever is making him sick all the time. We keep going to the doctor, they can't help or feel nothing is wrong, then we get referred to another doctor, same thing happens, get referred to someone else, and on and on. He's had surgeries, medicines, x-rays, CT's, preventives, lots of tests, so much stuff, but no relief. :(

Good news- it's fall break! The boys are excited!

Oh, and I have been soooo tired this week! I went to bed at 8:30 last night! 8:30!!!! That is beyond weird, 11:00 is usually early for me. I am going to bed right now, and have been ready for an hour. Weird.


Ashlee said...

Have they ever put him on an omission diet to see if it's some sort of food allergy? Some are delayed and only show symptoms when the food is broken down in the intestines, normal allergy testing would not show them. It can cause symptoms all over the place that seem completely unrelated. It would keep his immune system so beaten down that he would pick up every little bug.

shea brock said...

i have heard wonderful things about the allergy/asthma clinic at vandy

Anonymous said...

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