Friday, October 31, 2008

Fun Times

It's been a fun-filled week for us. Monday and Tuesday I subbed, and we did our normal routine on those 2 days, for the most part. Wednesday, the kids went to school, and I went shopping for the party supplies for their class parties. I ended up going to 4 different stores that day to find everything! Sam had play practice after school, we came home, he did homework, and I fed Avery. Then we went to the Trunk or Treat at our church. We had a chili dinner (Avery doesn't like chili), played some fun games, decorated cookies, and then trunk or treated. The kids all thought our trunk was scary. LOL! It's amazing what a few spider webs, a flashing strobe light, and a scary music cd will do. Anyway, it was lots of fun, and the kids loved it. Some pretty funny costumes too. :)

Yesterday the kids got out of school early. Once a month, they get out half a day for a teacher planning day. It's weird. Anyway, we went and met some playgroup friends at McDonald's. Avery LOVED playing with these 3 boys that he has known for a LONG time now, but never really has played with!! Kids are weird! He has known them and seen them pretty often for like 2 years, but they were alwasy shy around each other and pretty much did their own thing. Well, this year all of them have started some form of school, and I guess that is what they needed because they played like they were best friends yesterday! It was funny and cute. He can't wait to play with them again. Sam played Hide and Seek with one of his playgroup friends, and then he actually recruited other kids, that he didn't know, to play as well. He doesn't do that either. It was a day of new things for them! After that we went to Wal-mart to try and find the last things I needed for the party. Once again, I couldn't find everything. No where in this town had any pumpkins! I knew I was waiting too long, but I didn't have time because I was working so much, but who knew pumpkins would be completely gone! Anyway, I drove to one pumpkin patch, they were closed up, then drove to our favorite place, and thankfully they had a few left! We came home and I started working on the fun snack for the parties. It was supposed to take 15 minutes to make the snack, but I needed 2 batches, so let's say 30 minutes. Ummmm, over 2 hours later and I finally got done! Argh! I HATE making things like that. Why do I do it? It looked easy though, and I knew it would be yummy, but for real! 2 and a half hours for something that will take them 2 minutes to eat. I did that for thanksgiving last year and the same thing. If it can't be done on the computer then I shouldn't do it. I am not crafty! Stupid Goblin Grub! Sam tried it, and he LOVED it, so at least it tastes good. Anyway, we were planning on going to the Trunk or Treat at the Y, but the stupid treat took so long that we didn't make it. :( The kids took a bath, I put them to bed, and then got to work on getting all the party stuff ready. I had to clean out the pumpkins, YUCK, find another game (cuz I never could find parts of one of the games)and get organized. AJ had a meeting after work last night so it was just me and the boys last night. Oh yeah, and I did all that work for the stupid treat and then ran out of gummy worms. The package said I would have 25 worms in each bag, so I got 2, which meant I would have 10 EXTRA worms, but no, they didn't even have close to 25, so I had to have AJ pick some up on his way home. Stupid treat!

This morning I finished getting everything together, and I am excited to do the party now. Last night I wasn't! They are going to love it though! Thankfully, this year I just had to plan and organize Sam's party. Avery's teacher's are doing everything for his. What in the world am I going to do next year when I have to do two though?! I go all out for them, yes I am weird, and I know I don't need to, but I do anyway, so trying to do two, most likely on the same day, is going to be insane. Oh well, I guess that is what I thrive on. I am an organizer/planner/do it yourself person. At least I can take a load off their teachers for that little bit. :)

Anyway, we are doing a Halloween Obstacle Course for Sam's class. I think it will be our best party yet. Yea! We have had most of the same kids in his class every year, so each year has to be new and different. :) It will be cute seeing Avery's class doing stuff too. Well, it's just about time to go, so I better get off here for now. I am sure I will post pictures and more fun stuff in the next few days, since it is Halloween after all!

Happy Halloween!


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