Friday, January 16, 2009


Guess I'm in a blogging mood now! LOL! 3 posts in one day! Wow!

Yesterday I was subbing for 3rd grade. Avery gets out earlier than the rest of the school so his teachers bring him to me at the end of the day. It was dismissal time so things were a little bit crazy. All of a sudden, I heard a crash, turned around, and kids were surrounding Avery and he was getting up off the floor. Next to him was one of the chairs that had been put up on top of the desk. He was crawling under the desk, his head hit the chair, and made it fall, right on to his finger! It landed right on the tip of his middle finger. He was hurt bad. It instantly swelled and turned purple and I wondered if it was broken. It was time for me to take the kids to the buses so I had to leave him (Sam was with him and he had calmed down some)so I ran the kids out and ran back to class, where he was still crying. It was sad, and I felt bad for him. I had him wiggle his fingers and move his hand around and he could move everything fine. After a couple more minutes he had stopped crying. I finished up at school and then we came home. He said it wasn't even hurting anymore and he could move them fine. 5 minutes later he was climbing on the shelves in the pantry trying to get a snack (yes, he is all boy), so obviously it was feeling better. He cried about it a few more times that night, we put some frozen corn on it, gave him so motrin, etc. He is perfectly fine today, although it looks terrible, and looks like it should really hurt.

Here are some pictures of his injured finger. Yuck! They don't really do it justice, his finger is really swollen compared to the others, but you get the picture. Ouch!


Tara said...

Ouch! I can really tell it's bruised and swollen... poor Avery :( I volunteer 1 day a week in Josh and Jaren's class but honestly I can't imagine subbing! Do you like it?

sssmile14 said...

Yeah, I do like it. :) Some days are not so good, but overall it's good. I like helping out the teachers. I make no money, but that's not why I do it, so I get to be there, help out the teachers, do volunteer stuff, and get paid a little bit. It's nice.

Anonymous said...

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