Saturday, February 21, 2009


So yeah, I am so sore today, I want to scream every time I move. I will fill you in on that in a minute.

This week was pretty slow. I actually only worked one half day and that's it! What a miracle! Monday there was no school. We went to the library and played at the park and that's it. The rest of the week went ok. Thursday I subbed for Sam's class. That night I had quartet practice. We had a good night and really cleaned things up. Competition is in one month! Yikes! I came home after that and just as I was drifting to sleep at 11:30, Sam came in and told me he had thrown up everywhere. Yeah, not what you want to be woken up to. He had thrown up a TON (yes, gross I know. Throw up always is.) all over his bed. Thank goodness we have an extra bedroom. We got that all cleaned up and he was feeling perfectly normal. He had been fine before that as well. He had complained one time that he didn't feel good, but that was after eating a cookie decorated with tons of junk, so I figured his tummy just didn't like all that junk. Well, he woke up Friday not feeling good at all and had a fever of 100.3. Darn it, no school. He hates missing school, so it is a big deal. Geez, he was just sick last week. He was fine all day though, no more throwing up, and didn't feel sick anymore before lunchtime. Weird.

I went ahead and took Avery to school. About 9:00, I get a call from school. I figured they either needed me to come in and sub or Avery had started throwing up. Nope, him and another kid had ran into each other and bonked their heads. Avery's head apparently was pretty bad so they called me. He actually let them put ice on it for 5 minutes and I think it helped because you can barely see anything today. He hurts his head all the time, so it didn't surprise me at all.

Since I was home and not able to go anywhere yesterday, I decided to paint my kitchen and dining room. I was with Lindsay the other day, picking out paint for her house. Just as we were leaving we walked by the Oops paint and they had 2 gallons of the color I want to paint my house in, and it was half off. Woohoo! I got it and have been ready to paint ever since. So I started painting at 8:30 in the morning and got done at 8:30 last night. Yes, that was a long time, but really those 2 rooms are huge, plus I like it to look good so I don't just hurry up and get it done. :) I knew I would be sore today, so I really stretched out my neck, shoulders, and arms last night. Well, that helped. They are only moderately sore. My legs and butt on the other hand are so not ok! Obviously I use my butt to paint. Who would've thought! So I did no stretching of that area and I am seriously dying today.

I had to go to Choreography rehearsal this morning, which actually wasn't too bad. After that I went shopping with some of my quartet to complete our competition costume. Even then it wasn't so bad. After that I made the mistake of going with the boys to a restaurant for lunch. Sitting there for an hour was definitely not a smart idea. When I got up from the table, tears filled my eyes. Man, it REALLY hurts!! Moving even the slightest bit is seriously killing me. I was going to do a deep cleaning of the house today, but that is so not going to happen. Owwwwww.

So I will be sitting here in agony all day. Feel sorry for me. :) I hope tomorrow is better. I have to give a lesson in church. Hopefully I will be able to stand.


Tara said...

You should post a pic of your paint job!!! Sorry you're so sore though, I wouldn't have thought to streach my butt either... Good luck on teaching tomorrow. I'm sure you'll do great!

Anonymous said...

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