Sunday, February 15, 2009


So, wanna see what I got for Valentine's day???

Just kidding, I didn't really get that FOR Valentine's Day, we just got it ON Valentine's day.

You might remember this, but several months ago, Avery and his friend, Trey, decided it was fun to throw toys down the toilet upstairs. They really broke the toilet, and although we tried to fix it, etc. the toilet has been unusable all this time. It really hasn't been that big a deal, because we do have 3 other toilets in the house, and it is one less for me to clean, but we found one on sale yesterday, so we went ahead and got it. It still cost us over $200, but at least that is one thing I can mark off the list. $200 for a toilet! That is something I don't want to spend money on! Anyway, now the fun part of installing it. I wonder if that will be done soon or if it will take months to do that. ;)

Anyway, yesterday was pretty low key. We just hung out at home. I really didn't want anything for Valentine's day, I never do (which drives AJ crazy), but why waste money on flowers that die, chocolate I don't need, or jewelry that I don't wear? Might as well buy a toilet that we will definitely use, right?! LOL! So AJ bought me chocolate and that's it. I am glad. Doesn't bother me at all. I stayed home all day, AJ went to Lowe's and some car places (his car is falling apart and he needed more parts), and that's about it. After the kids were in bed, I pulled out the fondue pot and we had yummy fruit and chocolate, while we watched the movie, Fireproof. We loved it. It is a great movie, that you should definitely see if you are married. This is one movie we will actually buy, only when it goes on sale, of course. :) Did I mention I hate spending money??? Anyway, I thought it was the perfect Valentine's Day.

Nothing really new going on, so I guess that's the end of this post.

Oh wait, I forgot. I have been sick all week with a terrible cold. I could barely talk, I definitely couldn't breath, and it was just terrible. One night I dreamed that I was drowning, which woke me up, only to have me find that I really was drowning, in snot. Gross, I know, but I couldn't breath AT ALL. It was terrible. Anyway, Friday I was supposed to go out with my quartet and deliver Singing Valentines. I kept getting worse and worse all week, and thought that I surely would not be able to, but every day I practiced and I could still sing just fine. I could barely talk, and sounded terrible, but singing was a piece of cake. Weird how that works. I guess I should have just sung everything all week so people didn't have to listen to me. Anyway, the day went great, except I had some of my most stupid moments. Everyone loved their Valentines, and it was fun. So other than losing my phone and freaking out, AND losing my drivers license and freaking everyone else out ( I NEVER lose things, this was very unShauna-like)we made lots of people happy, so that is all that mattered.

OK, now this should be the end of this post. Bye!


Tara said...

We watched the same movie! We watched it Friday though... I went to get a pizza and a movie and wandered around not knowing what to get, saw Fireproof and thought it looked good, nothing else did! We liked it too, it was good!

Anonymous said...

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