Saturday, May 3, 2008

This Week's Fun!

Well, there aren't pictures with everything we did, but here are some.

Avery and I went with Lindsay and Kinley (oh, and Autumn, too) to a fun gymnastics place yesterday. Avery loved it. He got to swing on a rope and fall into foam. He got to ride on a zip line and crash into some mats at the end. He got to jump on trampolines, do somersaults, climb ropes, and lots more. Fun, fun! You can see all those pics above.

Then after school we went to Sam's Spring Fling. It rained most of the late morning.early afternoon so we were worried, but it turned out great. The kids loved it as usual. I don't have any pics of Sam because he was off oding his own thing most of the time. There were lots of inflatables, pony rides (Avery's favorite), food, games, etc. We stayed until about 8:30, so it was a long, fun day.

Today we did soccer, and we are about to go to our Church Picnic. This week was crazy busy, but we had lots of fun too. Enjoy the pics!


Jenkensing said...

Aw! They are so cute! I want to go! We should do this as a playdate!