Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Summer!

Woohoo! No more school! I am soooo ready for Summer! Maybe not the heat, but the non stressful, non busy, easy summer, where I can SLEEP!

This week went by fast. We were busy, busy, of course! Thursday we spent all day cleaning and packing up Mrs. Tarpley's room. There was still a lot left to do though! Friday was the big End of Year party in Sam's class. We decorated the room to look like an airplane and then we went on a trip to Australia. They got peanuts, drinks, and watched Finding Nemo and their long plane ride. They thought that was cool. Then we had pizza for lunch and continued on into the party. We had a Nursery Rhyme Olympics (which was being held in Australia). They played lots of games having to do with Nursery Rhymes. It was a fun day.

After school we did our annual last day of school tradition of going to the drive-in. We saw Narnia and Speedracer. Sam was excited for Narnia and Avery really wanted to see Speedracer. IN the middle of Narnia it started POURING rain. Of course, at that exact moment Avery HAD to go to the bathroom. So I grabbed the umbrella and carried him up there. By the time we got back my shoes and feet were covered in mud. Everything was soaked. It was a mess. Narnia ended up being LONG and everyone was getting tired by the end. Intermission came and everyone perked back up. Avery was sooo excited. But about halfway through he was sooo tired. He said, "Mommy, I HAVE to go to sleep now". It ended up that everyone except Sam went to sleep. Sam thought it was very funny that he was the only one that could stay awake. We didn't get home until 2:30 in the morning. When I made Avery go to the bathroom before putting him in bed, he said, "OK, I can finish watching Speedracer now!". I don't think he quite understood that we were home and it was over. He was so tired. He was also very sad about missing it. I guess we will be renting it.

Yesterday we got a pool! Some people that moved into a house that had an existing pool decided they didn't want the pool so they gave it to us for free. It is a big above-ground pool. We got it all taken apart and over here yesterday, and now need to put it up over here. The kids are excited and so am I!

My allergies are still kicking my butt and are making me sooo tired. Can't it be June yet?!

This week is out 10 year Anniversary! AJ is taking me away on a mini trip just the two of us later this week. The kids will be staying with Lindsay. So we will be spending the first part of the week putting up the pool, packing, cleaning, and getting ready to go. The kids are very excited to be spending several days at Lindsay's, and I am excited to just relax and do whatever we want with no kids attached!

Anyway, I will post pics and stuff of the pool, the trip, etc as soon as everything is done.