Sunday, May 11, 2008

Field Trip, Mother's Day, and More!

This week was filled up, in case you couldn't tell by the no new postings!

Monday, Avery and I went to Zumba, and then hung out playing all day. He has really been into hanging out with Mommy lately. :)

Tuesday, we went and registered Avery for the other preschool at Sam's school. We won't know until August if he makes it in there. Then we had Mother's Day Sweet treats with Sam's class. Sam made me a bouquet of coffee filter flowers that even had a scent, and a wind chime. He also made a cute "My Mom is Special" paper. Here is what it says.

My Mom is special because "she is so nice to me."
I like it when my Mom hugs me."
My Mom can do many things! I think she's best at "loving me."
My Mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by "me laughing."
My Mom is as pretty as a "flower."
My Mom is smart! She even knows "how to be a teacher."

I thought the last one was especially funny. :)

Mrs. Gunder made brownies, cookies, and cakes for all of us. She did a great job! :)
Tuesday night I also had a PTO meeting where I was offically made Volunteer Coordinator for the school. Yikes!

Wednesday, we were supposed to go to the Zoo (again), but I woke up with my allergies worse than ever. I sneezed the instant I got up, all through the shower, etc. My eyes were horribly puffy and itchy. My head was pounding and full of congestion. I just overall felt terrible and knew there was no way I could survive the zoo. Lindsay and I went to lunch at O'Charley's instead. We also did Zumba gain. I really love it!

Thursday, I subbed for Taylor's class. The whole class argued and fought all day. You can tell everyone is ready to be out of school, including myself! Sam also got to celebrate his birthday at school since he has a summer birthday. He enjoyed that. Tat afternoon, we went to the Y with Lindsay. We ended up doing a hard class that neither of us had ever done before. I didn't like it that much, I much prefer Zumba. I am even still a little sore today from that class!

Friday, Sam had a field trip on the Music City Queen which is a riverboat. I went to school to chaperone the field trip and ended up for another second grade class. Luckily it was a pretty laid back field trip so I still mostly got to hang out with Sam and his class. After the boat trip we went to the park. The day went well and I think everyone had fun. Sam is really gonna miss second grade and all his friends.

Friday night Lauren from church came over to play. She is Sam's age, born only 3 days before him. The boys loved having her. The played until almost 10:00. AJ was camping that night.

Saturday was soccer. I couldn't find Avery's socks anywhere (for some strange reason I was thinking I was looking for BLUE soccer socks, when I should have been looking for white. It took me forever to realize that the blue soccer socks were from when Sam played soccer 3 years ago!!!) So I wasted a lot of time looking for something I didn't even need. Anyway, they played an actual game this week and Avery did great! He got the ball several times. Then a girl's head ran into his cheek and that was the end for him.

After soccer we went and played at the outdoor McDonald's playplace. Then we went to Baskin Robbin, where they each got ice cream and free donuts for participating in a coloring contest. After that we came home and got AJ after camping. He got hurt AGAIN. Every time he goes he injures something! One time he was chopping wood and chopped into his leg. Another time, he sprained his ankle terribly (which is still hurt), and this time he burned his hand on his camp stove. He's a dork! :) One of the boys ran head on into another boy during a game of capture the flag (in the dark) and ruptured blood vessels in his eye, sliced open underneath his eye, and has a terrible black eye. He had to get stitches and he looks terrible, but was fine. Anyway, we then went to Opry Mills, where the boys went and saw Iron Man, and Lindsay and I went shopping. Sam needed new khakis and shoes. After that we went to AJ's Grandmother's house for a little Mother's Day celebration. The boys love going there. :)

For Mother's Day AJ got me a gift card to Kohl's. The boys got me a little digital camera. I hate carrying my big, expensive camera around all the time, so I have been wanting a small one that I could just stick in my purse. Yea! After church I took a bath, read a book, and now we are about to eat dinner.
AJ is taking care of all the laundry and dishes today. Yea again!

Anyway, that's it for this week. Here are some pics of Sam on his field trip.

Sam with his friend, Riley.

Sam watching the view

The view

Sam and his good friends

Sam's Class

Sam having fun at the park