Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I told you this week would be busy, and it is only Tuesday!

We have had some ordeals recently! Last Friday I subbed a half day at school, and Julie stayed at my house with Avery and Trey. When I got home Avery and I went straight to do some grocery shopping. AJ picked Sam up from school and we got home about the same time. When Sam walked into the livingroom, he said, "What happened to the ceiling!?" So I went in there and there was a big, long crack that was all bubbled up. Our house had major drywall issues after we bought it so I just thought it was one more thing to do with that until I realized it looked wet!! So we went upstairs and apparently the toilet was flooding the bathroom! The boys had thrown Little People toys, dinosaurs, and toilet paper all down the toilet!!!!! Um, to say the least, we were very angry! WE thought maybe a pipe had broken, the toilet was broken, and the ceiling was ruined! I had to leave to go take pictures just after we found the disaster, so AJ was left to deal with the mess. He managed to get the toilet working and figured it wasn't a broken pipe, thank goodness! The ceiling is definitely going to need some work, which I am NOT looking forward to. It is a BIG pain to do drywall stuff! The toilet has stopped working again, so he is going to have to take it apart and find whatever toy is stuck in there. Siggghhhh.....

The next day, Sam and Avery were upstairs playing. Sam starts screaming and ran down the stairs saying that he knocked his tooth out! He was behind Avery and somehow he rammed his mouth into Avery's head and broke part of his tooth off. Yes, it is a permanent one! Avery was perfectly fine and didn't even realize that Sam was so hurt. He then started crying because Sam was crying. LOL! The tooth hurt him that day, but was fine the next. I took him to the dentist today and they took an X-ray. Thankfully it doesn't look like the root or gum are injured. The dentist said they could build it up so it looks normal, but said that since they are active, little boys that it would most likely get knocked out again, so he said it is probably better to just wait until he is older and calmer before building it up. It really doesn't look that bad, and you don't even notice because it is a bottom one, so we will wait to get it capped. It isn't bothering him at all and everything seems ok. Whew!

Yesterday I subbed for Sam's class. They argued all day, but it went fine. My allergies REALLY started acting up even more yesterday, and I started coughing along with all the other allergy issues. Today was field day at school (Sam's class got 3 2nd place ribbons, and 4 3rd place). We were outside ALL say. Bad, Bad news for me! By the end my eyes were itching terribly, I couldn't breath, my nose was constantly running, I just felt horrible. After school we went to get Sam's allergy shot, where I continued dying. On the way home things got even worse. By the time I got home, one eye was completely swollen shut, and the other eye was all foggy, itchy, and felt like I had rocks in my eyes. I look TERRIBLE and feel like it too! The coughing is getting worse, which usually means I am on my way to having allergy-induced asthma. My face, throat, and chest are all extremely itchy as well. Soooo, tomorrow I will be going to the doctor to get a steroid shot, and whatever else they can give me so I can get through the next few weeks. Stupid May!

Friday is the last day of school, and we are having a cool class party, so I will be busy preparing for that the next couple of days. Hopefully, there will be no more catastrophes any time soon!