Monday, September 1, 2008

Laborless Labor Day Weekend

This week was once again busy.

Avery started school full time on Monday. I worked on Monday. Tuesday I did a ton of cleaning and then had quartet practice. Wednesday I subbed. Thursday I went shopping for some new subbing clothes, since I will be doing more subbing now. Friday I spent the morning helping out in Sam's class and then came home to get ready for our trip to Indiana. AJ and the boys went camping, and I had some girls from singing over for a game night. I was so busy this week that I didn't really have time to feel what it was like to be by myself with both kids in school. I am sure it will be like that most weeks. :)

This weekend we took an impromptu mini vacation! Me and not much planning, can you believe it!

We took the weekend to stay in a hotel and go to Holiday World. The kids have been begging to stay in a hotel for quite a while now (it is almost their very favorite part of vacations)so we decided to go ahead and do it even though, we could have easily driven back the same day. Holiday World was fun, but really hot and pretty busy. It wasn't so bad in the afternoon though, because everyone went to the water park, and that's when we went to the rides. There was a little bit of action. As we were trying to get through to another part of the park, they closed our pathway off and made everyone turn around. We don't know exactly what happened, but from what I could see, something had happened to someone in one of the lines (we could see them working on someone) and I could see them doing CPR. Then as we were walking away this guy was running and we could hear on his walkie talkie that people were yelling at him, asking where he was, because they needed the defibrillator NOW! There were workers running from every direction to get there, and we also saw the ambulance come. We never did find out exactly what happened. AJ figures heat stroke, I figure heart attack. Poor person. I feel bad for them and whoever they were with. I hope they were able to revive them.

I brought the camera with me, but realized when we were almost to the gates of the park (after our LONG walk from our parking spot) that I left it in the car. :( So no pictures this time.

Anyway, we had fun and it was a good mini trip. We love Holiday World because it is less expensive than the other amusement parks, you get both parks with one ticket, instead of paying an admission to each, drinks are free, the food is normally priced, etc. So it was really cheap for lots of fun.

Today, Paige (AJ's Sister) came over (she was here from Indiana, while we were there!) and brought the boys presents for their birthdays. The boys really liked having her here and really liked their presents. Thanks, Paige! :) After that we went swimming in the pool. We saw our friends from down the street out in their backyard so the boys ran over there to see if they wanted to come swimming. Sam's friend Riley came and swam with us. :) We had pizza for dinner, it is almost bedtime, AJ's going to watch the UT game at some people's house from church, and I don't know what I am doing the rest of the night.

All in all, a good weekend. :)


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