Thursday, June 5, 2008

No Surgery

So, Sam's Doctor called this morning and he has had an emergency and will not be able to do Sam's surgery tomorrow. The next available date was July 14th. That actually works out better for us I think. Before he was going to miss pretty much all of June, which means all of our normal summer fun. Now his surgery isn't until the middle of July, so he will have most of the summer to do everything, have his surgery, and then be in recovery until school starts. The timing is much better. He will now get to have his fun birthday party on July 12th and then surgery. That means he will get to do all of the swimming he wants until then. yea! :) He was a little bit sad because he is ready to feel better, but when I told him he wasn't going to be missing a lot of fun stuff anymore, he was fine with it.

The kids are both better now, no more fevers. My eye is looking MUCH better today, thank goodness! So the first part of the week, terrible, the second part, much better! Whew!


wareaglereed said...

Well I am glad he will at least get to enjoy swimming some this summer. Riley says, to tell Sam, "Hello". After we get back from the beach they will have to get together and play!