Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Can We Have a Worse Week?!

Sighhhhhhhhh...... This week has not started off well at all!

Both kids have been sick with high fevers since Sunday. Yesterday I had to call Sam's Doctor to see if they still wanted to go ahead with his surgery. They did. They put him on antibiotics and another medicine. He had to go yesterday for a pre-op appointment (in the middle of him being sick). He got blood drawn, etc. He did really well. He is actually excited for his surgery because it will make him better. We really hope it works this time!

I do have an infection in my eye and am now on an antibiotics and an antibiotic eye drop. I also have to spend several times a day doing hot compresses and massages, etc. Geez! Stupid, stupid allergies!

This morning I get up, start some laundry, do all my eye stuff, and throw up!!! None of the kids have had throwing up issues, so I don't think I have what they have. It is probably caused by my medicine. Argh! Just what I need. Two sick kids, a throwing up, eye infected mommy, and a kid having surgery in 3 days. I also have two people wanting pictures taken this week, which is probably not going to happen, so I feel bad. Sighhhhhh......

Anyway, the week is starting out terrible, but hopefully things will even out soon!