Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dr. Visit

Sam had a pretty good day overall yesterday. Last night right before bed I gave him pain meds, but he hadn't had any all day. He woke up about 5:00 again this morning and said his lips hurt. He is having to breath through his mouth constantly so his lips are chapped. He went right back to bed. At 9:45 this morning he still wasn't up and he needed to get ready for his doctor appointment. He did NOT want to get up. Poor kid. He finally got up and was a bit wobbly, but we made it in time to the appointment.

The doctor had to put gauze covered in numbing stuff up his nose. Sam didn't like that too much, but sat still and let him do it like always. He did that like 4 times and then "vacuumed" out his nose. He said it was really swollen in there, but all looked good, and there are no signs of infection. He told me that when Sam was waking up in recovery, the nurse turned away for a second, and he pulled out the postage stamp size thing that was supposed to be in there!! I had no idea! He said it probably felt like something was in his nose, cuz there was, and he would want it out too. The nurse called and asked him if he wanted to come back and put it in, but since Sam was already waking up he said no. He said he was able to clean out his sinuses and put in the new drain holes, so hopefully this will do the trick! He ended up putting more numbing gauze in there and then vacuumed his nose again. We have to go back tomorrow to do the same thing, which Sam isn't really happy about, but he can finally breath through his nose! He is very happy about that! The doctor said that every kid he has done has to go back in the hospital to do the vacuuming, etc, but he knew Sam would be just fine, so they were able to do it in the office. Yea for my calm, sweet boy!

Walking out to the car, he wasn't feeling very well and was whimpering. He said nothing hurt, but he couldn't really tell me what was wrong. It was sad and I felt bad for him. Just after we left, he closed his eyes and I thought he was dozing. When we were almost home, driving down the freeway, he sits up, grabs the trash bag that we keep in the car and started dry heaving. It was so sad. He felt really sick. I don't know what that is from. He has been saying his stomach is hurting. This medicine always does that for a few days and then eases up, so I don't know if it was the combination of medicine, plus vacuuming, nerves, or what. It was terrible though.

He finally started feeling better a little while after we got home, and was able to eat lunch, etc.

He seemed so much better this morning before the appointment, so hopefully each day will get better and better. He is such a good kid. This is really hard for us seeing him go through all of this, but he is such a trooper and I am sure I wouldn't be doing nearly as good.

I will probably post more tomorrow!