Friday, July 18, 2008

More Recovering

Yesterday's Dr's visit didn't go quite as good. Sam was in a lot of pain and ended up crying. He is really tough and usually doesn't cry no matter how much it hurts, so it was obviously bad. Poor kid! All of us felt so bad for him. The doctor did the minimum amount that he could and got out of there. He said everything still looked really good and he was doing great. We go back in 2 weeks. Until then he has to continue all of his medicines, irrigations, etc. He still needs to take it easy, but can gradually start doing more as he feels he can. The doctor said it was a really hard surgery and he needs to keep that in mind and not get too tired, etc. He also said that in most kids the "windows" that they put in close up pretty quickly, but he made Sam's extra large so hopefully they will last until he is 20. I hope they do.

Avery has been very bored! It is VERY rare that we stay at home for a full day. We usually are gone much more than we are home. He is a busy, crazy kid, so this week has been hard on him. I was really seeing it by Wednesday. I made AJ take him to play at the Chick-Fil-A playplace. They brought Kinley and Taylor along and he loved it. The next day as soon as we got up he asked if he could go to Taylor's house. He called Lindsay and he went over to play for a few hours. On our way back from his appointment, Sam asked if Avery could stay there for longer because he wanted me all to himself. He has definitely been Mommy's little boy this week. Later that day, Lindsay came over and her, Avery, and her kids went swimming in our pool. Shhhh, don't tell Sam. I distracted him long enough for them to get out there. Avery had fun and Sam was happy to be with just Mommy.

Again even that night he asked AJ to take Avery somewhere so it could just be the two of us. Very strange.

Today Sam has been up able to play some. They also have started fighting today. I think being cooped up in here is getting to both of them. Sam hasn't needed me so much and I was able to get some things done that I needed to. Tomorrow Kinley and Taylor will be here for the whole day because it is Lindsay's Anniversary so hopefully he will still be feeling good and able to play.

Our plan for next week is to do a little bit everyday. Monday we will probably go to the Y and that will be it for that day. Tuesday will be the trip to get his allergy shot. Wednesday we might try playgroup for a little while, etc. Hopefully he will be able to swim next week as well. That has been the thing we have missed the most. I think every day will get better and better. He may have a few little setbacks and need more rest, but we will work to gradually build up his stamina, etc again.

I guess that's about it for now. Thanks for all your thoughts and good wishes this week!


Kelly said...

Glad the surgery went well Shauna. Hope he's back to feeling great soon! What a trooper Sam is!

Tracy said...

Poor guy! I hope the pain gets better real soon.