Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthday Time!

4 Years old! What a big boy! Avery woke up on his Birthday and when I told him Happy Birthday he said, "You mean I'm 4 now?!" He got a huge smile and is LOVING being 4! He also told us, "I am 4 now so I am not scared of ANYTHING anymore!" So cute! He thinks he is so big and can do so much. The whole world changed for him! :)

Every year on his birthday we take him to the Zoo. He always asks to go and it has just been the thing we do! Welllll, we woke up to pouring rain and it rained all day so no zoo for us. I will probably take him this week sometime. It was a very blah day and we couldn't decide what to do so we just went to lunch with Lindsay and Kinley where they gave him 2 cups of ice cream, a balloon, and sang to him. That was a little embarrassing for him. ;) After that he said he wanted to go to the park, but of course that couldn't happen with all the rain. :(

After we got Sam from school, Daddy came home early and we went to the Y. I did a hard, hour long Zumba class while AJ took the boys swimming. That is one of Avery's favorite things to do so that was fun for them! Sam has been taking swim lessons and is doing GREAT! He has been scared to go down the big slide though and he finally did it that night! Go Sam! He LOVED it, of course! After the Y, we went to eat at Chili's, one of our favorite places. Then we went to Target where we each picked out a special birthday shirt. :) When we got home Sam realized that Angel (his hamster) had escaped from her cage. We spent forever looking for her and couldn't find her anywhere. He was very sad, but we finally had to send them to bed. Five minutes later Sam screamed downstairs that Angel was in his room. We ran up there and he was tearing the drawers apart underneath his bed. She had somehow crawled into the drawer and then fell down underneath it and couldn't get out. She was chewing on the wood, and a pair of pants : trying to get out. She was really scared. We got her back where she needed to go and that ended the night! Whew!

Saturday was Avery's party at Chuck E Cheese. He loves it there and has been so excited for his party for weeks! Several of his friends came and we had lots of fun. He got lots of cool presents (THANKS EVERYONE!) and he was so happy to be the Star! He loved his Ben 10 cake and everyone thought it tasted great. Yea Sam's Club! LOL! After his party we went to Toys R Us to spend his Birthday money. He got a crown and Balloon in the store and everyone walking by us kept telling him Happy Birthday so he was loving that. After TRU we went BACK to Chuck E Cheese for another party. Yes, we are crazy! We didn't stay the whole time though, we were all done at that point.

After all the partying we went to Lowe's to get some stuff for our pond and the yard. It was weird getting that stuff because it was cold outside! Tennessee weather is SO weird! Yesterday was very chilly and yucky. Today it was bright and sunny and WARM. Anyway, the light in our kitchen is having problems and needs to be replaced so we looked at lighting as well. The light I want has to be special ordered and won't be in for 2 weeks (darn it!), but we got a really good deal on a cool new fixture for our dining room. I love it! I can't wait until the ordered one gets here. Last night we just spent the rest of the night opening all the presents and playing.

Today was Conference for church (which we watch on the computer) so we all stayed in pajamas and lounged around all day. All in all it was a great Birthday weekend.

Oh, we did have some very sad news that put a damper on the night last night. We got a letter saying that Avery was not accepted into the preschool program at Sam's school. We are VERY sad! We have been waiting for 2 years to get him in there. It is a special program where there are 3 typical kids (kids without learning disabilities) in with 3 other kids that do have some sort of learning disability. It is hard to get in because there are only 3 spots, and teachers get priority. I knew there was 1 teacher putting their child in there, but I was really hoping Avery would have a chance. Oh well, we will figure out something else. I told Avery last night that he wouldn't be in Ms. Molly's class and he got very sad. I told him we would find another school for him that he would love and he said, "Ok, but I won't get to see Sam." It was sad. Something will work out though and he will do fine wherever he goes.

Anyway, that was our weekend. Thanks to everyone who came to his party and all the Birthday wishes!


wareaglereed said...

Happy birthday Avery!!! We had a great time at his party!!

And congrats to Sam for going down the slide at the "Y". Now maybe you can talk Riley into giving it a try.