Friday, April 18, 2008


So Sam had another CT yesterday, and then we went to talk to the ENT about what to do next. There was a lot of swelling, and we could tell an infection was on it's way (which I knew already just from the signs. We could see signs of chronic infections, etc. The doctor told me I was really good at reading CT's! LOL! Not a good thing to be good at when it's your own kid you are looking at. Anyway, the drainage openings in both the large and small sinuses are completely closed. He has to go in for surgery to open those up. The doctor said he has a 75% chance of improvement. He may still get infections, etc, but he is hoping that they will be less frequent and clear up quickly after the surgery. That's what they were hoping last time too, so we will see. He wanted him to have the surgery the first week in May, but he doesn't want to miss all the fun stuff at school. He would be out at least a week. Soooo, we are trying to hold off until the first of June. At the moment his surgery is scheduled for June 6th. I know he will have another infection before then, but the nurse thinks he should be able to be treated for that so we can hold off on the surgery until school is out. I hope it works this time!!

Last night I went to a Mom's Night Out with girls from my playgroup. We saw Prom Night. I LOVE scary movies. I thought this movie was more sad than scary though. I felt sorry for the poor girl. After the movie we went to a new restaurant called Mimi's Cafe. They had WONDERFUL desserts, so we each got a different one and then passed them around the table. Yummy!

Today I subbed for Justin's class, where we had a game day all afternoon. Avery played at Julie's, which he loves to do. AJ is camping again tonight so we hung out at Julie's, stopped and got Little Caesars, and now the boys are enthralled in the new Ben 10 show.

There is supposed to be soccer for Avery tomorrow, but it is supposed to rain tonight so I wonder if it will get canceled again. Hopefully not!

The plan tomorrow is to go to soccer, run to the Y, swim in the pool, and then hopefully go to Opry Mills. My watch stopped working yesterday and I CANNOT live without a watch. Opry Mills has Fossil so that is where I prefer to go, plus the boys need summer clothes, so I might as well go and get it all at one time. :)

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good weekend. Have fun!


Jenkensing said...

Awe Shauna...I didn't know you were so sad...I did feel bad for that girl who had cramps too. You were so fun to hang out with!!!!