Friday, April 25, 2008

We got ROLLED!

I must document our first ever toilet paper rolling. Apparently some kids from church came and rolled our front yard last night, WHILE WE WERE AWAKE! We were sitting in the livingroom watching ER the whole time. Dare Devils! AJ teaches the 14-15 year old boys now, so I guess this might happen pretty regularly. Anyway, we don't have trees so I guess it wasn't too fun trying to roll our yard, but here is what they did get to do.

This morning Sam came running in my room while I was sleeping saying, "You have got to see what Daddy did! It's so funny!" I said, "OK, in a minute." He said, "You need to come now, he did it for you for Mother's Day!" Then I said, "OK, I'm coming." "It's in the front yard, it's a big heart!" He is not a secret keeper. :) Darn it, I got woken up for nothing. I had already seen all that last night before I went to bed. SO much for sleeping in on a no school day! :) It was cute how excited he was though! By the time I got up and came downstairs the boys had already been outside and cleaned it all up!!! Woohoo! So that was our little nightly adventure!