Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Funny Avery

Avery is a funny kid. This weekend AJ's Mom "G" dropped off something for the boys. She gave Avery this stuffed Teddy Bear. He loves it and calls it his pet. The other day he told me his name was Ik. I just thought he was confused and he would forget that. Well, this morning he was talking about his pet, Ik. I asked him why he named him that and he said, "Because I wanted to!" Then he said, "It's a funny name isn't it?!" When I asked him how to spell it he told me it was I-K. So we now have a pet named Ik!

Yesterday Avery went to Julie's house while I was subbing. Julie is babysitting some other kids this week and they all called Avery "Henry" the entire day. When I asked him his name he said "Avery, A-V-E-R-Y!" When I asked him what they calle dhim he said "Henry" like it was no big deal at all.

Silly Willy!


Kim said...

OK, that's strange - we had Henry's party at CEC over the weekend, and twice when someone came in for it and said they were there for Henry's party the woman at the door said, "Oh, you mean Avery?" I woudn't have even thought they sounded close!

sssmile14 said...

Weird! I wouldn't have thought so either!