Friday, April 25, 2008

Webkinz Extravaganza!

The boys are infatuated with Webkinz! They are the softest, cutest, little stuffed animals. When you have a Webkinz, you also get to play in an online Webkinz worls, where you take care of your pet, play games, etc. It is all safe for kids, and they love it! Well, this weekend is the 3rd Anniversary of Webkinz. They are having a Webkinz Extravaganza, where if you spend $10 in one of the participating stores, then you get a free Webkinz. So today we went and took advantage of that.

Sam bought some clothes for his Brown Lab, Hershey. Then he got a free Spotted Leopard (who happens to be the Brown Lab's best friend), which he named Dotz.

Avery got a Lil' Monkey (fitting, don't ya think!), which he named Banana. He got a free Lion (which also fits with this jungle themed kid), and he named him Pawz.

They LOVE their Webkinz!!!


Kelly said...

Hi Shauna!

Your boys look so grown up! Owen is crazy about Webkinz too. They are fun! Hope all is well in TN!