Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's April Already?!

This year sure is flying by! Avery's birthday is in 3 days! He is SO excited! He can't wait to be 4 and to be big! He is excited for his party on Saturday! He is excited for his cake, although he still hasn't settled on what he wants on the cake, thankfully I haven't ordered it yet.

Today Avery and I went to the Y and then spent the afternoon at school helping Sam's teacher from last year. She just can't let me go. LOL! Avery LOVES going to school and especially going to Mrs. Tarpley's classroom. She always gives him tons of snacks, candy, etc, and let's him do whatever he wants. She also has a cool, huge caboose in her class that he can play in. She's the coolest! :) Sam's principal did the afternoon announcements today and informed us that several schools in Murfreesboro were having plumbing issues and that ther ewould be no school tomorrow. You could hear classrooms screaming everywhere. He then said "April Fool's!" All of us were really believing it, too! He's evil! They had to come back on the intercom 5 minutes later to tell us that it really was a trick and there WAS school tomorrow. LOL!

After school we went to get Sam's shot, ran home ate dinner in 15 moniutes, and then rushed to get the boys hair cuts. Avery was crazy there! He was being sooo silly an d talking about EVERYTHING! We were all laughing the whole time.

Speaking of Avery... he is allergic to tomato products. Anything with tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, pizza, ketchup, ANYTHING, and he breaks out in a rash and blisters all around his mouth. It looks horrible, but doesn't really bother him. The bad thing is is that all his favorite foods have tomatoes! I am not sure what to do. The only thing that works somewhat is this special allergy mouthwash stuff that we can put on the outside of his mouth. Of course it is almost gone, we have to use it so much. It's like benadryl for the mouth. If we put it on his mouth just after he eats the tomato based stuff then he usually just gets a tiny rash, but if we even wait a few hours then his mouth is horrible and it takes much longer to go away. Argh! it's really hard and I hope it doesn't grow into a worse allergy because for real, that kind of stuff is pretty much all he eats. Sigh. My poor, allergic kids!

Well, I guess that is it for today!