Friday, April 11, 2008

Doctors, Soccer, and More!

This week has been pretty busy.

Monday- I subbed all day while Avery played with his best friend, Trey. When we came home the boys went to play outside and left the front door open a little bit. Welllll, it is finally nice and warm this week so guess what is out and about. Yes, bees, wasps, and all sorts of flying things that I hate! A wasp flew inside. Most of you know how terrified I am of all flying things with stingers (yes, I know they are A LOT smaller than I am, I am still more afraid of them then they are of me!). I, of course, flipped out, and went in hiding, while begging Julie to get it out!! Well, it went straight up into our huge window in the foyer, which was way too high for her to reach. Then it flew upstairs into the playroom. I was screaming, Avery was hysterical because he just happened to be upstairs when it went flying up, and Julie is laughing at how dorky I am. Avery was screaming, falling down the stairs trying to get away from the stupid wasp. I know, I am a horrible mother, that teaches her kids to be scared to death of little flying bugs, but I just can't help it. I try to control myself when they are around, but I don't do a good job. That's what happens when you are terrified of something. You just can't control your fear, which means I can't control my screeching and hiding. Anyway, I called AJ an begged him to come home and get the stupid thing out of here, but of course he couldn't leave work at that time. (No, I am not just weird, he told me it was a slow day and he would probably get out early). Well, I definitely could not stay in a house where there was a wasp, so we packed up everything and went to Lindsay's house.

After a little bit, Denisee came home and we forced him to go and kill the stupid thing. He came and couldn't find it!!! Where could it have gone. I needed to make dinner and get stuff ready for singing, so I NEEDED to stay in my house. I finally let him leave without killing it, but I jus tknew it would come out the minute he left and harass me. Thankfully that didn't happen. I survived the 30 minutes until AJ got home.

I left for Rehearsal where we had a party to celebrate our big WIN and then learned some new music.

Tuesday- AJ informed me that he never found the wasp so all day I worried and thought I heard buzzing. Sighhhhh. I had a Doctor appt., just my yearly visit, then we went to the Y. After school we went to get Sam's shot and then that night I had a PTO meeting where I was nominated for the Volunteer Coordinator at the school. My time as Vice President is up. This is a big job though, and with everything else on my plate, will I be able to keep up???

Wednesday- Playgroup day. We went to playgroup at Chick Fil A. It's very small in there so once you get over like 5 kids it is too many. We only stayed an hour and then left because it was too crowded. We then went to Target and got the stuff we needed for Sam's Bubble Party, then to the Y after school. That night AJ had church so we just hung out.

Thursday- Lindsay came over in the morning. I got everything ready and made the Bubble Jello for Sam's party. Then we had to pick Sam up early to go to another ENT appointment. We told them EVERYTHING and they couldn't believe how much trouble he has had. They scheduled him for a CT scan next week and then we have another appt. to go over the results. They called while I was there to get Surgery approved, so obviously that is what they are leaning towards. I am going to try and hold off on it until he is out of school for the summer because the surgery is much harder and has a longer and more difficult recovery. We will know more next week.

After the appt we rushed home to eat dinner, ran to the Y, and then had a soccer meeting to go to. Avery is in a new program for the younger kids. They start on Saturday and he is excited. He happened to get put on Kinley's team and another little girl from playgroup, so that will be fun. After the meeting we came home and the kids went right to bed.

Friday- I had to babysit Kinley and the baby Lindsay watches today while she went on a field trip with Taylor. I then took all 3 of them and all my Bubble stuff to Sam's school for the Bubble Party. It went well and all 3 kids were good. Sam's class loved all the cool stuff we did. We blew up a balloon with bubbles, made raisins dance with bubbles, and did bubble art. The weather was crazy here and we had flooding and horrible rains, so we didn't think we were going to get to do our last thing, but it cleared up just enough to go outside and blow up a bubble bomb. It started raining while we were out there, but we did it. The kids had a great time! Now we are getting ready to go to the Y, then we will come home and have dinner, and finally just relax. AJ is camping this weekend so it will just be the kids and I. Tomorrow is another busy day though. I will post pics of soccer and write more about it later.


Jenkensing said...

What a busy week! I know you have another one coming I hope it goes great! Love you!

wareaglereed said...

Wow, that was a busy week!!
Riley said the bubble party was the best party ever at school!!!

Thanks for all you do for their class. You can tell the kids really enjoy it.