Sunday, April 20, 2008


So we didn't get rained out! Yippee!

Avery was shy at first and wouldn't go out on the field. I had to go out with him, and finally after about 10 minutes he realized it was fun and let me go away. He really liked it. This is just a learning form of soccer so they play a lot of games to teach them what to do with the ball, etc. First they had to run across the field without getting tagged by the "alligator". Then they got to play with the balls. They learned to dribble the ball, knocked down the cones, etc. Then they got to kick it in the net. He loved that part. At the end they played a mini game. He did not like that part because every time he tried to go after the ball, another kid would get there first and steal it away. At the end, they had all of them stand all together and throw their balls up in the air. Ummmm, not a good idea with 12 3/4yr olds! One ball dropped and hit Avery right on the cheek so he cried about that. Besides that he really liked it and told me that next week he would not be shy!

He loved playing on Kinley's team. They make a good team! :) At one point, they both decided to take a break, pulled up their balls, and sat right down. It was so cute! They hadn't seen anyone else do this, they thought of it all on their own.

After soccer we went to the Y and went swimming. That is their favorite part of the week. We then went shopping for summer clothes and my watch. They kept smelling the booths that sold German roasted nuts. It basks the whole are in yummy smelling cinnamon. I promised them we would go get a Cinnabon before we left. We finally got finished shopping, went to the Cinnabon place only to be told that they were out of Cinnabons and it would be 30 minutes! Ummm, hello, it's the name of your business, you don't run out! I then asked for the mini Cinnabon's, which they were also out of! Niiiiicceee! Needless to say, we were done shopping and ready to go so we missed out on some ooey, gooey, goodness. :(

We came home and watched Enchanted. It was cute and all of us really liked it.

That's it for this weekend!